Smarter BIZ: Growing Businesses Smarter with AI Powered Next Generation Mobile CRM

Prateek Mehta, Vijay Krishna & Rajesh Bernard,Co-FoundersIt’s no secret that organizations spend hefty money in demand and interest lead generation. Unfortunately, over 30 percent of leads generated by marketing department fall through the cracks before the first call to the customer is made by the sales team. Additionally, over 80 percent of the leads are lost through the journey. This is where Smarter BIZ's Artificial Intelligence powered Mobile CRM solution builds a continuum between sales & marketing teams by capturing every lead generated from every source upfront (incoming & outgoing calls, work orders, live meeting recordings, emails, query on website, SMS from JustDial & so on); thereby empowering organizations to track, measure and grow the business smarter. The highly tactical built-in features of the solution facilitate the sales person, manager, team lead and business owner to understand the real health of business in terms of how the opportunities are being engaged, when & why the opportunities are dropping off the grid, and how can a sales person improve on his closure/follow-up rate.

Intuitive CRM
Born in 2014, the inimitable platform of this Bangalore based company with partners in Chennai, Delhi & Malaysia integrates with Microsoft Excel spread sheets to bring all business leads as appointments on sales executives smart phones and enables business owners to view business transactions and evaluate their employees’ performance on Excel. More over this creates a high transparency and trust within the team, since everything can be reviewed with out any filters. Besides enabling clients to send multi media/digital marketing messages to interested customers by SMS, it helps create work orders and update its status to customers by SMS/email. On cloud, business owners can get an Excel based report that highlights the call records they should emphasize on.

Unlike other quasi-mobile solutions, Smarter BIZ CRM’s soul is making today’s natural work flow intelligent and mobile, thus makes it painless for the sales person right from automatically capturing the lead to fasterclosure because of increased number of follow-ups

These features along with the usage of Excel make this CRM so intuitive, even a new joinee can get started with the app in 10 minutes. “The real innovation lies in Smarter BIZ’s capability of analyzing the voluminous data
coming through multiple channels to enable clients to take a simple action that will improve the conversion. We drive efficiency and transform medium performers to best performers by marrying cutting-edge technologies to the organizations’ natural vocabulary with out altering their behaviour,” expounds Vijay Krishna. Unlike other quasi mobile solutions, Smarter BIZ CRM’s soul is making today’s natural work flow intelligent and mobile, thus makes it painless for the sales person right from automatically capturing the lead to faster closure because of increased number of follow-ups. Smarter BIZ takes pride in having one of the world’s highest security grades for cloud storage with features like supporting the entire app offline and provides role-based access facility.

Steered by a proficient management team, where each have 15-18 years of experience in sales, the company has designed the CRM solution to automatically follow-up every lead 5-8 times, which has helped its clients like auto motive dealers, credit card and SIM card sellers to become the best sellers in the country. Experiencing a stupendous revenue growth of 250 percent in the past ten months, Smarter BIZ is in the verge of raising the next round of funding. The company intends to further understand the natural behaviour of sales people deeply to help business owners pinpoint exactly where to invest money to improve overall conversions, while capturing the hearts of sales people. “Our growth is driven through customer seat acquisition, thanks to the CRM’s ease of on-boarding. We foresee a tenfold growth in next 12 months,” concludes Rajesh.