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    From among the pivotal factors for the success of a business enterprise is the depth, efficiency and fruitfulness of its relationship with its customers. The way in which a vendor would allure and gladden his customers through his articulate vocal advertisements and pleasant demeanor have become insufficient, if not obsolete. With the advent of the digital era, the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become synonymous to the software tools (equipped with the most recent technological advancements such as AI) that businesses utilize to canvass, capture and perform the follow-up of sales leads. Though CRMs have been around for a while among large firms, the idea of using them as effective business generators has proliferated recently and what is seen now is the...

10 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bhea Technologies Bhea Technologies Ram Kumar LK, Founder & Director A provider of end-to-end services like Installation, Development, Customisation, Training, Deployment, Maintenance and Support Services.
CRMIT CRMIT Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO With over 200+ certified CRM consultants across 25+ countries, CRMIT's solutions include a range of CRM applications for accelerated deployments including various rapid implementation & migration utilities.
Finesse Finesse Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & COO A premier organization offering scalable and affordable cloud based CRM solutions to help clients attain better customer relationship, real time insights, and make informed business decisions .
GAPS Technologies GAPS Technologies Suhel Faridi, CEO & MD Tagged as a premier CRM solution provider in India, GAPS provides Customized ERP & CRM Development by combining strategy and cutting-edge technology into businesses processes.
Leadsquared Leadsquared Nilesh Patel, CEO This CRM company prioritizes leads & tasks, recommends actions, and helps the team execute them by providing them only the most useful CRM features any average business uses.
MeraCRM MeraCRM Ashvin Savani, CEO The company which goes by the tagline ' simple CRM for India' has made a point to see that the CRM software is up to date, meets the requirements of today's business and easily melts into a business of any size.
Rechner Infosystems Rechner Infosystems Vikas Bahri, Director Rechner develops comprehensive ERP, CRM, and Internet marketing solutions for companies. CRM is architected in such a manner that it can handle almost all the information that is required to enhance overall business operations
Service 007 Service 007 Meera Parthasarathy, Vice President Working with clients to create the perfect CRM fit for their business that can be easily integrated with any existing ERP, thus offers cost saving.
Smarter BIZ Smarter BIZ Prateek Mehta, Vijay Krishna & Rajesh Bernard, Co-Founders Provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered next generation Mobile CRM to track, measure and grow the business smarter .