Rechner Infosystems: Offering Scaleble CRM Solution to Automate your Business Requirements

Sustainability is a War in the business world and customer retention is the only way out. SMEs to large organizations are making huge investments to get leads for their products/services to generate maximum business, but the outcome turns to be bitter due to unavailability of the best-fitted CRM software that can manage their leads and sales process. Lack of centralized platform for managing their leads received from different sources makes them spend heavily on marketing activities, while their resources’ time and efforts are wasted into manual data feeding or entry of leads, follow-up & existing customer relationship process, and more. Additionally, performance and tracking sales funnel of sales team is a major concern for the companies to get maximum business in minimum resources. On the other hand, being the blind follower of the mundane old-school method further restricts the sales personnel to adopt the latest software, who are also scared of the complex software processes.

Believing in 'Time is Money', Rechner Infosystems, a company that develops comprehensive ERP (a feature loaded business analytic software that keeps all the business processes on one platform), DMS and Internet Marketing solutions, developed a cloud based CRM called Know it CRM for SMEs and corporate to keep their business opportunity and accounts on their fingertips, whilst acting as a resort to all the above mentioned issues at a very competitive price. Its easy to use and well designed structure ensures a seamless integration into the client’s existing IT infrastructure. Further more, with its focus on service delivery
Vikas Bahri,Director

Vikas Bahri


Knowit is a one-stop solution offering a unified view of the client’s business processing, making it more proactive and efficient, and ensuring a quick ROI

mechanism and software product quality, this user friendly CRM is customizable and doesn’t require any professional expertise as even a novice can easily use the software with a simple 30 minutes demonstration. “To create better user experience, we collect the issues, requirements and problems of customers that are forcing them to buy software, and we commit to make difference for them through before and after success story,” cites Vikas Bahri, Founder & Managing Director, Rechner Infosystems.

The Elixir

Knowit is a one-stop solution offering a unified view of the
client’s business processing, making it more proactive and efficient, and ensuring a quick ROI. It automates the field sales workforce and channelizes sales process by centralizing the leads from various sources on one platform through API configuration auto landing of leads into the software on timely basis. But that’s not all. Regular notifications & reminders on the leads ensure a regular follow up by the sales team & alert for the next action plan while the analytics report dashboard and MIS (Management Information System) tracks every detail and simplifies decision making procedure. These assignments are then auto led to the sales team that saves the backend team’s energy and efforts and negates manual procedures, allowing a single point focus on scalability and progress. “Knowit CRM is replenishment tool that skilfully blends business with automation & intelligence,” informs Vikas.

Unlike its competitors, Knowit is constantly innovating to create new benchmarks. The current development and enhancements of Android and Mac versions stand as a testimony. A recipient of ‘Best ERP Software of the Year’ by CMIS Health Care Excellence and Fastest Growing Product Development Company & An Enterprise Solution Provider by Insight Success, Rechner Infosystems is all set to cross international borders through its Knowit Solution Partner Network Framework program that will capture business opportunity nationally and internationally and enhance global customer satisfaction.