InfinitySFA: Streamlining Sales Operations for a Higher Business Productivity

Shad Raza, Founder,Ajay Boraskar, CTO

Shad Raza, Founder

Ajay Boraskar, CTO

Its an errand for companies to tweak their business processes to match the newly bought CRM application. But InfinitySFA understands that every customer is unique and so are their business needs. Hence refraining from selling off-the-shelf products, it co-creates CRM solutions only post comprehending client’s business processes. “As a six sigma professional, our expertise in S&D, CX help in designing business processes and imbibing of technology creates an edge over competition,” says Shad Raza, Founder, InfinitySFA. Hence, InfinitySFA’s tailor-made solutions are implemented and sustained by clients with less efforts and larger benefits. Interestingly, this customized approach helps client increase productivity upto 22 percent in just three months, reduce cost of acquiring customers by 11 percent & achiever CX (customer experience) multifold.

As a sales end-to-end automation solution, InfinitySFA’s mobile CRM integrates sales team, distribution channel and head office to flow the pertinent data needed in real time. This helps the company to zoom sales productivity, align distribution channels, provide real time
sales analytics with zero paper work in the field. This also enables the company to track your team’s location through GPS/BTS ensuring active visit and no proxy.

Working across the B2C and B2B sectors, InfinitySFA’s business analytics empowers clients with information to monitor, improve & sustain their sales growth in real time

A Simplified Approach
A unique amalgamation of senior professionals proficient in sales & distribution, marketing, customer experience, Six Sigma, and digital technologies, the company’s team is the driving force behind its well thought methodologies and rapid growth. Working across the B2C and B2B sectors, InfinitySFA’s business analytics empowers clients with information to monitor, improve & sustain their sales growth in real time. A core productivity tool, it empowers sales team in the field to make impactful decisions, communicate faster, multiply order size and increase the width & depth of the services, thereby improving the clients’ ROI without the hassles of conventional paper work even in no or low network areas. This paves way for higher route plan adherence, more productive calls, expanded retail network, and better channel services, adding immense value in creating CX and increasing the clients’ presence in the market. Raza further explains, “Our services are a mix of CAPEX
and OPEX, depending on the client’s requirements to generate higher revenues and deliver profound CX without crossing the budget. In short, we offer an end-to-end integrated CRM solution”.

Data Security at its Best
Backed by a complete cloud based system, InfinitySFA undertakes the safety & security of the client’s data very seriously. Each segment of data is encrypted and separately distributed in databases over cloud, providing enhanced security against different types of attacks. The company complies with TLS (Transport Layer Security) version 1.0 & higher level of encryption”. Said Ajay, CTO. Hence, the data of each client is fully protected from phishing, malware or intrusion attempts. Going beyond the conventional, InfinitySFA is also an active member of the recruitment industry, facilitating several companies’ sales & distribution teams with competency assessment tool through and helping them assess the competency of sales personnel at all levels while hiring & promotions/rewards.

Currently, the team is working at syncing its methodologies with AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Augmented Reality that will further help them boost their operations as well as aid clients hoist their customer experience multi-fold. “Currently, our projection comprises of 60-70 percent revenue from abroad while the rest we receive from the domestic market,” concludes Shad.