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  • 20 Most Promising Mobile CRM Apps - 2018

    The world has long gone digital and now it is making way for mobile digital. With the world being more connected than ever, mobile applications are paving into the day-to-day lives of the common consumer and heavily impacting the way corporate houses conduct business. With the help of CRM apps, business houses are now able to track their sales strategy, align their precious asset, the sales workforce and combine these two poignant elements together to align with the business vision set for growth and prosperity. This changes the way to conduct business operations. Users and customers both can expect information to be available and updated in real time, surpassing the need of a physical presence. Furthermore, the promise of a mobile CRM is not only limited to sales strategy but also...

20 Most Promising Mobile CRM Apps - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
19th Mile 19th Mile Vijay Gogoi, Founder & CEO Helping every sale team member to achieve target predictably through data-driven coaching and contextually relevant content report
Amdocs Clarify Amdocs Clarify Yochai Rozenblat, CEO Clarifying CRM suite of customer solutions help organizations to deliver a unified view of the customer, and act as a single point solution for sales, support, ordering and analytics
CRMNext CRMNext Mohan Kumar, Director Effectively recali brating banks’ potential to grow engagement, drive profitability and deliver innovation
DayTrack DayTrack Saurabh Bhatnagar , Co-Founders One of the leading field-force employee management app rendering exceptional GPS location tracking in real time
Dquip CRM Dquip CRM Amit, Founder & CEO Building a powerful CRM Software for businesses, providing unparalleled stability and delivering performance, navigation, and industry-leading support
FactoHR FactoHR Aniruddh Nagodra, Co-Founder An HRMS and payroll engine for business in India, with benefits administration, leave and attendance tracking, and native mobile apps for employee
HelloLeads HelloLeads Muthu Ramalingam & Manohar Jha, Founders & Directors This cloud-based marketing tech start-Up offers innovative, mobile-driven, simple & smart lead management solution
Impel CRM Impel CRM Surekha Shetty, Director An integrated CRM solution that covers sales force automation, marketing, and customer support
InfinitySFA InfinitySFA Shad Raza, Founder, Ajay Boraskar, CTO Providing tailor-made CRM solution to enable sales team work smartly, increase market presence, enhance width & depth in distribution channel, reduce delivery time, achieve higher response time and ultimately deliver better customer experience
Kapture Kapture Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO This online CRM software for small business enables business growth from anywhere, enabling clients comprehensively manage online-offline business operations
Leadsquared Leadsquared Nilesh Patel, CEO A marketing automation and sales execution platform that helps businesses increase their closures, manage their pipelines, and attribute their ROI accurately
NeoCRM NeoCRM Arpita Singh, Founder Offering next generation software services and solutions by using cutting edge technologies, blended with cost effectiveness, highest quality and best of after sales support
Salesforce Salesforce Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO Cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and more don't require IT experts to set up or manage and connect to customers in a whole new way
SAP CRM SAP CRM Bill McDermott, CEO Helping build stronger relationships with end customers by engaging them at every touch point with the latest technologies to redefine customer engagements
Sapience Sapience Rajan Vig, Managing Director Offering one of the few product available globally that delivers automated enterprise effort, helping organisations raise the performance bar
Skyvault Solutions Skyvault Solutions Pradeep, Founder Understanding the intense time-to-market pressures facing software industry today and prioritizing optimizing of the development cycle, helping customers create, and maintain a clear competitive edge
Soul CRM Soul CRM Dhaval Pandit, Vice President, Sales & Marketing A simple software specifically designed for Indian businesses, it provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing and customer service departments.
Talisma Talisma Jim Milton, CEO Enabling various customer facing and back office departments to provide a seamless customer experience to build brand awareness & loyalty
Vincere Vincere Bernie Schiemer, CEO A user centric, pipeline focused, dataminded, and process driven CRM software helping recruiting companies of all sizes with high mobility for on the go recruiters.
Zoho Zoho Sridhar Vembu, Founder A multichannel CRM software with an inbuilt conversational AI, pipeline management system, tools for marketing and sales force automation, and indepth analytics for improved sales processing