• Worqa: The Simplest & The Most Economical Work Flow Management App
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    Worqa: The Simplest & The Most Economical Work Flow Management App

    "What your teammates are working on at the moment?" Post an abrupt daze, when team-managers eventually start to answer this question in the most pragmatic way, a lion share of them, especially from the ever growing small and medium-sized business (SMB) sector, would seek the help their office messengers or bank on scattered tools available in the market, just to realize that they are in fact not acquainted with exactly what their teams could possibly be working on at that moment. This lucidly elucidates that even before the companies realize it, 'getting work done' takes a backseat amidst all the 'discussions'- a crater that hauls back the SMB sector from pursuing its purple patch. Having diagnosed this gap through individual hands on experiences and intricate researches on working...


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