dayTrack: Ensuring Exceptional Employee Management through Real - Time Tracking & Recording

Saurabh Bhatnagar ,Co-FoundersTaking everyone by utter bewilderment was the concocted concept of God’s Eye, a hacking system capable of finding and tracking anyone in real-time, from the hit movie 'Fast and Furious 7'. While there have been heated debates about the possibility of such a complex devise, in reality, it certainly directs the technological advancement towards perfecting innovative tracking devices in business space. Moving on the same track, the Noida-based dayTrack has triumphed in building an advanced employee tracking app enabling the trailing of field employees’ GPS location and day activities in real-time. One of the leading field-force employee management app service providers, dayTrack boasts of an extensive experience of 15 years in mobile-based communication and field employees tracking.

Encouraging Employees,Empowering Employers
dayTrack employs refined techniques that facilitate real-time live reporting from the field to empower employers in accessing its field force,thus,removing the time gap in reporting. Through the app the visit records are logged in from the point of action and prepared by its system itself in a format that canas and when required. Unlike most desktop or web software based CRMs, day Track uses handy mobile application enabling instant
sharing of orders directly by the concerned people with a be downloaded by the employer few clicks rather than reporting at the day's end. Further, it allows tagging employees' GPS coordinates indicating his/her exact location for heightening the company’s reach in any city / area. From facilitating admin to check the number of customers unvisited by field force in a specific time-frame to setting revisit reminders for keeping the orders flowing through regular customer visits, the app is a fully automated all-in-all solution that even gives provisions for the employee to upload images from the visit succoring FMCG companies to capture merchandising materials displayed on retail counters.

dayTrack employs refined techniques that facilitate real-time live reporting from the field to empower employers in accessing its field force, thus, removing the time gap in reporting

Empowering companies to obtain a hands-on check on its teams'modus operandi, dayTrack vets the employees against giving false or vague information which may stunt any structural reporting. It erases the outdated modes of communication such as call, SMS,or Whatsapp and fetches fresh information straight away."Proffering all kinds of customization and integration, we give the option to integrate our ERM tools with an existing database of the customer,at affordable rates of only Rs 199 per user per month, "claims Saurabh Bhatnagar, Co-Founder day Track. This SaaS-based solution sold on a monthly rental basis permits clients to
scale up the application based on customer requirements with the liberty to opt and move out any time while facilitating clients to upgrade regularly with new features without any extra cost.

Gaurav Gupta,Co-Founder

Delivering Faster, Better&Cheaper Solutions
Embarking a new wave in the industry, the company encompasses everything starting from the basics like attendance through a selfie-driven mechanism of face recognition to rendering real-time sales information and option to capture stock available at the counter to help companies plan their distribution process. The app runs on Android OS and backed with latest cloud computing technologies to deliver optimum performance, will be further enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. Further,its service team works in close quarters with the customers to ensure a hassle-free implementation, coupled with the development team relentlessly working to release new versions with fresh features. Serving the SMEs and micro-SMEs in various verticals like FMCG, electrical, books, publishers, and pharma, dayTrack has pictured a good growth going almost double in the past few months and is all set to scale up its user base by threefold in the coming year. "We are looking for established partners for enhancing our productivity to ensure faster, cheaper, and better exertion," concludes Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder, dayTrack.