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  • 10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies - 2020

    The semiconductor industry is in full flux with the IoT introducing energy efficiency and fast electronics to the industry. In accordance with the gains gathered by the software market in the last decade, semiconductor companies have been constantly burnishing the capabilities to accommodate the needs and demands of the industry. According to Markets And Markets, the Indian semiconductor market’s worth is projected at USD 32.35 Bn by 2025 with a CAGR of 10.1 percent between 2018 and 2025. India has evolved as a fast growing electronics system design manufacturing industry with a base of not less than 120 units. As per the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, about 2000 chips are designed every year in India having more than 20,000 engineers working at different...

10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ambit Semiconductor Ambit Semiconductor J Saseendra , CEO Offers semiconductor design and intellectual property design services through offshore design center, SOC/IP physical design, embedded software and system design.
ChipLogic Semiconductor Technologies ChipLogic Semiconductor Technologies Ranganath Kempanahally , Founder & CEO Expertise in providing high quality and dependable services in semiconductors, embedded systems, and product engineering services.
Cirrus Logic Cirrus Logic Jason Rhode , CEO Offers integrated circuits, digital audio convertors, analog-to-digital convertors, digital-to-analog convertors, boosted amplifiers and codecs.
 DXCorr DXCorr Nirmalya Ghosh, CEO A supplier of Physical IP arrangements in cutting edge process hubs for an extensive variety of SoC designs incorporating complex memory IP-SRAMs, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems and standard cells.
Infineon Technologies Infineon Technologies Vinay Shenoy , Managing Director Offers semiconductor products like wide bandgap semiconductor, smart low-side & high-side switches, linear voltage regulator, DCDC convertors, high power diodes & thyristors and many more.
Kalatronics Consultancy Services Kalatronics Consultancy Services Mahendra Karanam, CEO Fabless Semiconductor Design Services company offering services in digital design, Analog design, Analog Mixed Signal and DFT within the preferred time frame.
Lam Research Lam Research Krishnan Shrinivasan, Managing Director Provides semiconductor manufacturing equipment like transistor, interconnect, fabrication technology, chipmaker solutions, microprocessors, and wafer processing.
Semtronics Micro System Semtronics Micro System Avinash BR , Director Designs analog mixed signal products, Led Drivers, AC-DC Convertors, DC-AC Converters, and multi protocol serializer and deserializer up to 6.25 GHz.
Terminus Circuits Terminus Circuits Sankar Reddy , Founder & CEO Develops semiconductor application in PCI-SIG specification based PHY IPs for PCIe 4.0/3.0/2.0 and multistandard SerDes.
Vayavya Labs Vayavya Labs RK Patil , Co-Founder & CEO Helps to establish Software Driven Verification flows for semiconductor firms across simulation, emulation and post silicon design phases of SoC.