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  • 10 Most Promising AI Companies - 2021

    With advanced algorithms and ever-increasing computer power, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a primary data science function and is changing business, services and lives all over the world. AI is transforming business domains and organizations, revolutionizing each and every sector in business. More and more organizations will invest in AI in future years to address current business scenarios across functions such as customer service, human resources (HR), IT automation, security, recommendations, and many more. They will leverage multiple AI applications such as CRM, ERM and others to manage operations, scale supply chains in response to real-time or predicted demands, improve ROI and achieve cost savings. It is inevitable for the competitiveness and sustenance of...

10 Most Promising AI Companies - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
IAastha Technologies IAastha Technologies Ashish Baghel,Business Head Provides agile, innovative, creative and simple solutions to the most complex problems that founders solve in their marketplace
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
EZOPS EZOPS Saravanan Srinivasan, Bikram Singh & Dutt Chintalapati, Founders Enhances operational efficiencies, reduces risks and costs for clients their flexible AI-enabled cloud native software platform that drive hyper-automation
Indika AI Indika AI CA Hardik Dave, Founder & CEO Working with some of the leading AI companies across the world to help them train their AI Models with high-quality training data
Infrrd Infrrd Amit Jnagal, Founder & CEO Infrrd is an award-winning AI firm focused on applying machine learning to improving business processes. The company's platform employs next-generation AI capabilities to help enterprises transform their businesses
Intello Labs Intello Labs Milan Sharma, CEO Envisions to improve the efficiency of the food industry and cut-down food waste by leveraging AI, ML, and computer vision technologies
Mavenick Consulting Mavenick Consulting Mini Thomas, Client Engagement Manager Providing consulting for intelligent automation integrated with products of world-class quality including end-to-end AP invoice processing using AI & RPA
Simplifai Simplifai Ketan Sharma, Head - Sales, APAC Develops automation solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Process Automation to help business cut down costs and improve operational efficiency
Streamoid Technologies Streamoid Technologies Rajesh Kumar, Founder Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like computer vision, AI and ML to offer innovative solutions mainly to the fashion industry
Tekolutions.AI Tekolutions.AI Vikram Bansal, Co-Founder A growth-oriented startup working with a passion for indigenously developing AI/ML-based solutions to help businesses work smartly while saving cost
Vehant Technologies Vehant Technologies Kapil Bardeja, CEO Well-equipped to leverage the Video /Image digital gold (data) and extract meaningful business insights