iAastha Technologies: Your Inhouse Dream Team To Execute Your Ideas To Success

Ashish Baghel,Business Head

Ashish Baghel

Business Head

It isn't easy to find one industry that has not adopted smart machines and models integrated with Artificial Intelligence across the world. The world has embraced the amazing functionalities of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to boost productivity and ensure higher customer engagement. iAastha Technologies has a team of engineers and researchers who love solving complex problems with creative solutions. The firm works as inhouse team with complete transparency and comfort, reducing time and efforts to achieve early product-market fit for startups and organizations.

They provide agile, innovative, creative and simple solutions to the most complex problems that founders solve in their marketplace. The company has supported several startups working as an in-house team developing scalable products utilizing data and emerging technologies such as AI/ML at its core. Their vast experience in understanding unique problems faced by startups have helped founders save a lot of time by avoiding several expensive mistakes which otherwise are not foreseeable.

iAastha Technologies was created after understanding the pain points that startups and founders face on the tech side, and the same is the unique proposition for iAastha. "We aim to create value to our customers by providing clear and precise assistance and directions during the product development phase. We try understand the mindset of the end consumer and implement contextual
psychology in the product to achieve best possible results," explains Ashish Baghel, Business Head, iAastha Technologies.

Offering Various Services in AI to Startups With the experience working with companies and startups, iAastha Technologies realize that one size does not fit all. Similarly, they understand the pain that founders go through every day, from ideation to product development and scaling the business. That's why the firm has introduced easy to choose packages to the clients to remove the headache of technology by making all resources available like a team at a fraction of cost compared to building a team in-house.

These packages vary based on the different stages a startup is in. It allows founders flexibility to be scalable as per their needs and give them time to focus on their customers and problem solving. Along with this, the company's most essential services are SAAS development, product strategy, data engineering and analytics. Their in-house expertise in emerging tech and data science such as AI. ML and NLP, along with the deep understanding of business strategy, customer service and marketing, gives a competitive edge to their partners, resulting in huge time saving and efforts.

iAastha Technologies has developed extensive expertise handling mainly startup related challenges focusing on business strategy and technology

With such efficient services, iAastha has solved many challenges. A few exciting challenges are; one of the projects was AI based customer automation. In this, customer queries were automatically resolved by the AI engine, which can interact with the customer and send automated responses to the customer and resolve their queries. This product saved 60-75 percent of the cost. Like wise, the company associated with the US company name Wiser, they assisted in their data engineering and operations for the daily data extraction processes.

Over the years, iAastha Technologies has developed extensive expertise handling mainly startup related challenges focusing on business strategy and technology. The firm has practised agile and lean product development methodologies through which they support startups or companies looking for innovative solutions and helping them prevent making expensive mistakes. Presently the firm is heavy on strategy, data engineering work (AI/ML) and SAAS product development both for web and mobile front end. However, iAastha will increase its portfolio of services in the future, focusing more on startups problems starting from business research to product launches to PMF to growth marketing assistance.