Tubelight Communications: Augmenting Customer Communication Strategies to Amplify Business Returns

Praveen Singh, Co-Founder & CEO
Praveen Singh, Co-Founder& CEO

Gone are the days where fatigued (human)telephone attendants answered service-calls followed by cumbersome long hours of wait and monotony, as the introduction of IVR(Interactive Voice Response) radically changed the face of communication between priceless customers and various service providers. Yet today, these traditional IVR systems seem redundant in the new-age tech-pro world, with newer innovations scaling-up the customer-service market, service companies are in a rat-race to devise personalized communicative-solutions to boost customer-satisfaction. Escalading as one of the top-most telecommunication companies in India, Mumbai-based Tubelight Communications Limited(TCL), proffers prompt resolutions to empower the world’s business-communications at cost-effective rates with convenient modems. Incorporated in 2013, the company offers resolutions to client business challenges with its unique Drag-&-Drop IVR systems, Cloud products, convenient API services and more.

Thriving under the headship of its founder Praveen Singh, this messaging /voice API CPaaS Communication-Platform-as-a-Service)Company, highlights the significance of right
communication as a propeller of all
business successes. Driven by an ever-present need to excel and make-easy, TCL fosters new discoveries enhancing better and convenient ways of establishing exceptional far-reaching customer rapport that builds up the business base. Enabling users to reach-out to target audiences, it tenders futuristic communication mediums to brands and enterprise businesses to reach out to end customer to communicate (Inform, Delight and Engage).
"TCL offers resolutions to client business challenges with its unique Drag-&-Drop IVR systems, Cloud products, convenient API services and more"

Claiming to be the 'futuristic building-blocks for Gen-X communication’, TCL, unlike its peers, offers an array of services like 2-Way, A2P, M2M, 360-degree Internet Marketing, Email, Telephony, Advance IVR, Cloud telecommunications custom solution, Verification, TextEdu (Advance communication Analytics) along with a basket of accompanied business communication services.

Flagship Offerings Mark Distinct Services
TCL is famed for its top-notch flagship products like G-OTP(Global OTP)-a tool that allows its clients to verify their users using its simple API for voice, SMS and Email channel , along with Textedu - a tool that enhances user-engagement, targeted audiences, market-strategy and sales. Besides these, TCL amasses a range of voice-based solutions like OBD, TCX Phone (Virtual Numbers), Missed call alerts, C2C and more under its specialized TCX facility;
Attuned to the inspiration-‘communication is evolution’,the company facilitates businesses to adopt methods that retain customers, efficaciously through API or Web-post(Smart-messaging platform) and TCX(Tubelight Cloud Xchange - telephony platform).

Undeniably, customers form cores of every business-holding; engaging them into the services are crucial. With TCL’s personalized message facilities, the customer retains a sense of being understood and connected with the service-provider. Additionally, through the flagship offerings along with tie-ups with the renowned companies in the world, TCL proffers seamless and unrivaled services enhancing client-business through effective communication modems.

En-Route to International Horizons
This ISO9001& ISO 27001certified company emerges as a robust panache that amplifies business communications through its highly sophisticated, easy to use, cost effective, A2P messaging and voice-based solutions. With a well-competent team in place, TCL is progressing on the lines of not just national but global standards as well. Holding offices in Noida, Singapore & Mumbai, it seeks to expand its services to a full-fledged international market. Carrying out the ideology that communication could do wonders, Bhanu Singh, COO/DoE Tubelight Communications, states, “Communication has the power to solve 70 percent of the world’s problems including the wars we faced and the ones we might face in future”.