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  • 10 Most Promising IVR Technology Service Providers - 2018

    As Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri are gaining considerable recognition, they are making it clear that voice-controlled applications today hold the reins of the growing consumer demand. Nowadays, large and small businesses have adopted the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology to save money and the effectiveness is rated by the percentage of callers who ask to speak to a live operator. IVR systems are now used in banks, office call routing, call center forwarding, simple order entry transactions and selective information lookup. Also, these can be used in more of a complicated way to simplify processes in other departments such as sales, marketing and medical records. As per a research by Markets and Markets,...

10 Most Promising IVR Technology Service Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AbeerTech AbeerTech Ajay Arora, Founder & Director Offering promising approach to serve its clients with every dimension of digital marketing, web designing, cloud telephony and more
AstTECS AstTECS Manjunath R.J., CEO Providing cost effective solutions which helps businesses handle high volume calls and improve customer experience thus meeting the business requirements
Exotel Exotel Shivku, CEO Aiming to help large businesses streamline and bring efficiency to their voice communication with their modern and latest IVR technologies
IVR Guru IVR Guru Parshan Vashisht, Founder Providing services for evaluating the sales and marketing with a combination of voice telephone input by delivering accurate proper responses to customers
Knowlarity Smart IVR Knowlarity Smart IVR Ambarish Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder Providing IVR services that are configured through a virtual number, interacts with customers and routes calls to appropriate departments with satisfying the customer requirement
Linktel Media Linktel Media Rajesh Dimania, Director & Co-Founder, Kaushal Bansal, Director & Co-Founder Provides maximum lead generation and customer retention to companies via affordable IVR solutions enriched with the option to control features at no hidden charges
MyOperator MyOperator Ankit Jain, CEO & Founder Delivering innovation through smarter simpler telephony solutions hereby saving customer's time, money and resources with better call management and operational efficiency
Tubelight Communications Tubelight Communications Praveen Singh, Co-Founder & CEO Proffering prompt & cost-effective resolutions to empower the world’s business communications with convenient A2P modems like the trusted G-OTP & Textedu and a range of voice-based solutions
WebXion WebXion Gurcharan Singh Dhunna, Founder & Director Proffering cloud based IVR services at most affordable rates all over India and ensures all calls are recorded at their web-based call log panel