Trainocate: Innovating to Educate the Next Generation Masses

Khor Hee Soo,APJC Director India

Khor Hee Soo, APJC Director India

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to be more efficient and because of this, businesses are always upgrading the respective hardware and software used in the workplace. In line with this, the expectations of todays’ learner have equally changed, and corporations must keep pace with those expectations to retain employees and attract new talent. This requirement intensifies when it comes to dealing with a product range as rich as that of Cisco. Based out of Singapore, with an Indian office at Bangalore and Chennai, Trainocate has made a name for being one of Asia’s most trusted professional training providers. Trainocate specializes in trainings surrounding high end IT solutions, niche vendor specific technologies and certifications, customized content as well as a robust portfolio of business and management skills. Ever since their inception in 1995, Trainocate has been focused in the training service industry working with experienced professionals, and system integrators from Cisco and their ecosystem partner. The value added advantages provided by Trainocate surrounds its ability to develop and customize training solution specific vendors as well as looking at how they work hand in hand with other complementary solutions.
Trainocate brings additional value by hosting their own data center allowing the company to customize training requirements closely mimicking the environment and geography of the customer. The company has over the years invested close to USD 5 million worth of in equipment and infrastructure.

Trainocate's strong team of curriculum developers enables the company to customize the delivery for the partners. The company employs more than 25 full-time vendor-certified engineers with multi technology competencies who develop customized course content with lab exercises. Thus far, 100+ customized courses have been developed through a standard process outline by vendors such as Cisco. To take things a notch higher, Trainocate continual update curriculum to ensure every delivery is current and meets market demands.

"Trainocate also has capabilities to develop cross architecture, function and vendor content"

Offerings that Won Accolades for Trainocate
As a Platinum Learning partner, Trainocate is authorized to deliver their vendors’ industry – recognized curriculum and certifications. For their devotion to continually bring changes and current with market needs, Trainocate has won several accolades over the span of 25 years. Currently, Trainocate holds the title of CISCO Platinum Learning Partner of the Year APJ 2018 in Hawaii (April) and Las Vegas (November). Understanding how different learners consume knowledge, Trainocate has 5 different delivery methods to engage their customers – Traditional Classroom Learning, Virtual
Learning, On-site Delivery, Self-paced e-Learning and Blended learning Solutions. The Virtual Learning is some thing of a unique proposition for simplifying training. This allows learners to take the course from a different location than the trainer. The Blended learning solutions allows a mix of virtual and classroom training enabling the learner to attend classes according to his/her comfort due to project and off-site demands.

Moreover, Trainocate’s live remote labs offer students additional learning by applying what is taught in class in real-world environment. The live labs enable students to practice and hone their networking and system administration skills using real hardware and software. Unlike most training providers using simulations to let students practice what they learn, Trainocate provides real-world, practical experience with actual equipment and/or software. Trainocate also has capabilities to develop cross architecture, function and vendor content. NetApp Cisco Flexpod, ACI integration with F5, VDI Management, Programmability using Cisco APICEM and Node Red, Open Stack with Cisco UCS solution and Cisco Meeting Server with On-Prem Lync/Skype are few of the content Trainocate’s curriculum developers have created over

With a continued approach towards creating new career opportunities by integrating training curriculums, Trainocate looks forward to deliver productive learning and optimized solution in order to enable Trainocate's customers provide top notch products & solutions to their own customers in turn.