• TechNEXA: Beyond a Services Provider, A Trusted  IT Consulting Partner
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    TechNEXA: Beyond a Services Provider, A Trusted IT Consulting Partner

    If one listens close, he can hear a steady drumbeat of people predicting the downfall of the networking industry's 800-pound gorilla. However, despite the predictions of increased competition, commoditization, and other factors, Cisco has continued to excel as a company. One of the major reasons for Cisco’s success is their partners like TechNEXA. Based out of Gurgaon, TechNEXA is an IT Consulting Company dealing with next generation technologies, primarily Cisco. Being a process-driven IT consulting company following Agile, Scrum & Six Sigma methodologies, TechNEXA has expertise in quality-integrated services, cross-platform skills and help businesses to improve their operational excellence and transform them into a technology-driven enterprise. TechNEXA assists organizations to...


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