Speech-Soft Solutions: Transforminga New World of Customer Experience across the Globe

J.P. Reddy,CEO
J.P. Reddy, CEO

The 'press-one-for-English' era of customer care is finally evolving into a more intuitive and natural experience. Broad acceptance of intelligent assistants such as Amazon Alexa & Google Home is raising customer service expectations. From conversational voice to millennials-preferred channels of chat and mobile, Speech-Soft Solutions is blazing the trail with assessments, roadmaps and products to change the way organizations interact with their customers. Speech-Soft’s solutions focus on both business and customer needs with projects and transformations often paying for themselves in less than a year and with demonstratively improved customer satisfaction.

Experts anticipate the NLP market alone to hit $22.3 billion by 2025. Customer expectations are driving the development of responsive technologies ranging from interactive voice response (IVR) with natural language speech processing (NLP) bile platforms that share common business logic and back-end data through an omni-channel architecture are also integral parts of new digital customer experience. This complex and challenging business landscape compels enterprises to transition to a new era of customer interaction and service. While some smaller enterprises benefit from all in one solution, larger organizations have a more complex task due to their substantial investment in existing channels and technologies. This often results-in analysis paralysis as companies struggle to choose the optimal path to transformational customer service.

Only a handful of companies offer one-stop solutions within the global market. One standout company is Texas-based Speech-Soft-Solutions - a tech-driven customer care solutions company. Speech-Soft takes its customers through the aforementioned vital transformation curve making use of existing investments, while determining new areas of investment to successfully transition to a digital omni-channel customer interaction architecture. Speech-Soft also offers complementary products and services to streamline the transition while providing ongoing monitoring, real-time reporting, analytics and more with an affordable price tag.

The Doctors of Speech Science Leading a Novel Revolution
Having been a part of the technology revolution and the industry itself over the past 15 years, Speech-Soft pledges laser focus on each client’s business by leveraging the expertise of PhD level VUI design, speech science talent & multiple Cisco contact center CCIEs. This deep expertise is a reason Speech-Soft can be a one-stop shop for designing, building and deploying a full-fledged contact center and omni-channel self-service solutions infused with the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Over time, the company has honed its expertise in integrating today’s emerging and legacy customer experience technologies including, but not limited to, Natural Language & Conversational Speech Self-Service for IVR, Digital Omni-Channel Architectures, Intelligent Assistants, Knowledge Bases, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent APIs & Web Services.

“We deal with sophisticated conversational response systems that decipher customer queries, which can be asked in an hundred different ways for the same piece of information. This is where our PhD level speech scientists and AI solutions work their magic. They play an unparalleled role in troubleshooting and optimizing our clients’ complicated legacy systems as well. Needless to say, our scientists give us an edge over the competition, which does not use PhD level talent,” asserts J.P. Reddy, CEO, Speech-Soft Solutions.

Innovative AI Products
Speech-Soft has developed innovative products to fill gaps in the industry, including a patent pending(for enterprise IVR)AI Chatbot. EntrAI, the intelligent chatbot platform is poised to leverage and convert the business logic and data connections of an IVR into an NLU AI Chatbot/SMS channel. This saves deployment time, leverages previous
investment and creates a lower cost omni-channel architecture for the customer.

The company has also created an omni-channel self-service IVR reporting framework along with a diagnostic, analytics and reporting dashboard. This reporting framework and dashboard provides real-time and historical insight into the customer’s interaction, success, failure and activities within the self-service platform. The system provides a previously unavailable view into the self-service environment by combining information from the IVR vendor, the speech recognition vendor, the database interactions and the customer dialogs themselves. The system also allows customers to define specific business interaction tasks that can be tracked, compared and analyzed from a business perspective.
"Speech-Soft pledges laser focus on each client's business by leveraging the expertise of PhD level VUI design,speech science talent & multiple Cisco contact center CCIEs"

Speech-Soft offers a range of products and tools to ease the burden of transition to the new digital omni-channel customer architecture. The tools are designed to analyze existing and transitioned systems to ensure they are meeting customer expectations. The AI-based tool sets create lists of customer requests that were not satisfied by the self-service application. This provides a roadmap of additional customer self-service dialogs to include in the next application release. Omni-channel architectures mean that optimization of self-service dialogs, as well as the addition of new responses determined by AI, take place across all channels with a reduced amount of work.

Speech-Soft’s global presence (with offices in India, U.S. & UK) allows it to offer a 'follow the sun' approach. This benefits Speech-Soft's clients in that issues are responded to around the clock, anywhere in the world. Speech-Soft has a monitoring, support and analytics team to ensure operations are maintained and supported. For customers who would prefer to outsource their hosted or on-premise contact center and customer self-service operation, Speech-Soft offers a managed service operation to meet those needs.

The Cisco Factor & More
Speech-Soft maintains a decades-strong partnership with Cisco in contact center and self-service. Speech-Soft's offerings are comprehensive, with end-to-end Cisco Contact Center solutions from assessment, design and installation to enterprise support, managed services and training. Speech-Soft has also developed complementary products for Cisco’s contact centers and CVP IVR platform.

For example, the Speech-Soft Contact Center Agent Management Platform (CAMP)offers a Cisco agent toolkit that sets hours of operations, manages agent profiles, sets attributes, creates and schedules execution of snapshot configurations by date, time, season and provides an emergency feature for quick shut down situations. For large Cisco contact centers, the tool completes routine changes to thousands of agents with previously unattainable speed.

“We are working on a Cisco control and analytics platform for monitoring and operating contact centers and self-service platforms. In addition, we expect to deliver an IVR visualizer that will graphically show clients how their callers are migrating through their IVR dialogues, alongside volume indicators of how many callers are traveling which paths,” says Greg Stack, Vice President, Business & Product Development, Speech-Soft. The Contact Center Portal CCPortal) provides a single user interface for the administration of agents, Call Flows, CVP dialogs, announcements and call control queues. These operations tools dramatically reduce the time needed to make changes while also reducing human error.

Speech-Soft’s Cisco team also provides such services as Custom Development and integrations(from App Development to Database Design & Build,and Finesse Gadget Development)for both Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Express (UCCE/UCCX). These offers are enhanced with cutting-edge contact center and IVR managed services, diagnostics and analytics.

Speech-Soft provides services in the U.S., EMEA and India. Its teams have deep experience in
many industry vertical markets including, retail, healthcare, telecom, banking and transportation. “Our core focus is the success of our customers. We reduce their burden and stress by providing strong resources with deep expertise to reduce the risks inherent in technology transformations,” asserts Gordon Givens, Executive Vice President, Speech-Soft Solutions. The mandatory involvement of a senior solutions architect in every project and with every customer further reduces project risk factors.

Positioned for the Future
After 15 years, Speech-Soft is well positioned to help its clients transition their IVRs and contact centers to the new digital omni-channel architecture. With PhD level expertise, innovative design and cost reducing products, Speech-Soft shepherds its customers through technology changes. Its business solutions are not only financially sound, but also easier, faster and better both for its clients and end-customers. “We take pride in our 100+ people strong workforce that spans across the globe. They are quality obsessed and have innovation in their DNA. The highly collaborative & cross-functional work culture, global exposure, and constant training on emerging technologies enhance their synergy and value to our clients,” says Givens. The management team that averages over 25 years of individual experience and boasts of multiple PhDs deserves an equal amount of appreciation. Their experience grows from leading organizations, including Cisco, Nuance, Intervoice, EDS and IBM.

Today, Speech-Soft continues to further expand its partnership and certifications with Cisco. Its product, employee and expansion blueprints will power the next level of Contact Center and customer self-service technologies. Further developments in omni-channel experience, NLU and conversation self-service, alongside expanded offerings in analytics, managed services and operational support adds to its foundation for innovation and excellence. Speech-Soft and their clients are uniquely positioned to achieve success in today’s fast-paced age of technological transformation and opportunity.

Key Management:
J.P. Reddy, CEO
After hundreds of IVR and CTI deployments and over 20 years in the IVR & Speech world, Reddy founded Speech Soft, along with his brother Raja, his previous bosses, a pack of good friends, and exceptionally talented colleagues. He leads a great team today.

Offices: Oklahoma (Headquarter), Texas, UK & Hyderabad

• Contact Center Products
• Cisco Agent Management Platform
• Contact Center Control Portal
• IVR Reporting & Dashboard
• Innovative real-time & historical view of customer interactions & success
• EntrAI Chatbot Solutions
• Leverage your IVR business logic & database connections with AI & the chat channel

Self-Service & Speech Services:
• Speech NLU, Conversational Application Design, Development, Deploy, Optimization
• Optimization Tuning of Legacy IVRs and chatbots
• Digital Omni-Channel Architecture Solutions
• Support for On-Premise and hosted IVR and chat solutions
• Natural language & conversational language IVRs
• Intelligent assistants
• Chatbots & Web
• Knowledge bases
• Analytics for business & operational insights
• Artificial Intelligence

Cisco Contact Center, IVR & Custom Development Services:
• Contact Center (Cisco) Consulting, Design, Build, Upgrades & Deployment for UCCE/UCCX
• Assessments, call flow design, WFM, scripting, configuration, reporting, training
• Finesse Desktop, CTI, ECE, Upstream
• Day 2 support, managed services, skills consolidation
• All Speech services for Cisco Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
• All installation, hardware, support & Management services for CVP & UCCE
• Custom Development and Integration
• Web, DB, Finesse Gadgets
• Java, C++, Node.js, React.js, PERL, Python, DB design & build
• Intelligent APIs and Web Services
• Custom Integration Solutions