RV-VLSI Design Center: Helping Students Develop their Application of Concept Skills in VLSI

Venkatesh Prasad, Founder & CEO

Venkatesh Prasad

Founder & CEO

Skill development centers playan important role in enhancing the skills and employability of graduating engineers. VLSI and/or Embedded Systems domain requires highly specialized skills along with experts from industry to impart the industry relevant skills. The companies expect VLSI skill development centers to admit students with the passion for VLSI and provide an industry like atmosphere and industry skills and practices there by reducing their on the job training time. Bridging the gaps between the students and industry is RV- VLSI Design center. In the words of Venkatesh Prasad, Founder and CEO, RV-VLSI Design Centre,“The vision of the centre is to provide an industry like atmosphere to all its students and teach them industry relevant skills using industry standard tools and experts who have a passion to teach and come with decades of industry experience.

”The company has established it self as a product and service
company and set a benchmark for skilling engineers. Since its establishment, RV-VLSI has trained thousands of engineers from various institutes in India, Nepal,USA,and Singapore among others. “We are very happy to see other training institutes following our methodology and practices,”states Venkatesh. RV-VLSI offers various part-time and full time training programs for college graduates, working professionals and new recruits of companies. Their full time programs include Advanced Diploma in ASIC Design which includes full custom, RTL Verification and Physical design programs. Their part time programs include RTL Verification using System Verilog, Static Timing Analysis of VLSI Design, ASIC Physical Design(PD) for Deep Sub micron Process Nodes to name a few.

The vision of the centre is to provide an industry like atmosphere to all its students and teach them industry relevant skills using industry standard tools and experts

Elaborating on the unique features of their programs, Venkatesh says“Our course content has been vetted by industry and aligned to National Occupational Standards
published by NSDC Govt.of India for job roles, our infrastructure provides access to multiple EDA vendor tools, our training IPequips students to develop their application of conceptual skills, EDA tool exposure and the confidence to face real world challenges.”

The company boasts of maintaining a healthy placement ratio and strong industry association. The students of RV-VLSI are much sought after because of the rigid selection process they go through and are suggested a course based on their aspirationst emperament and prior knowledge. This can also be attributed to the exposure students get in terms of soft skills like resume writing, mock tests and interviews.

What sets RV-VLSI Design Center a part is that they are funded by RV trust that operates 28 institutions including the RV College of Engineering.“The initial investment needed to build a world class training centre to impart VLSI training with access to adequate number of EDA tools is a very costly proposition. Most training institutes which operate on a for profit motive will not be able to provide commercial justification,”opines Venkatesh.

The company has established it self as a premier skill development company in VLSI and Embedded Systems in Bangalore and aims to partner with like minded institutions through out India and take programs to the entire country.