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  • 10 Most Promising VLSI Training Providers-2017

    semiconductor industry has become the backbone of almost every industry vertical, whether we take telecom, healthcare, consumer electronics or any other vertical. The growth of ICcomputing power has profoundly changed the way we create, process, communicate and store information. The engine of this phenomenal growth is the ability to shrink transistor dimensions every few years. The scaling of devices is making integration of largenumber of devices in a single chip possible. At some point of time there has to be a switch from traditional semiconductor devices tonewer and hybrid devices like carbon nano tubes. VLSI industry growth in India is promising because of Mr Modi’s‘Make in India’ campaign to promote domestic manufacturing,‘Skill India’ campaign...

10 Most Promising VLSI Training Providers-2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ChipEdge Technologies ChipEdge Technologies Venkat Sunkara, Founder & CEO A provider of VLSI Skill Development and Enhancement Programs to Universities, Professionals and Corporates. It offers Online VLSI course, Weekend VLSI courses and University Training etc.
CVC Pvt. Ltd CVC Pvt. Ltd Ajeetha Kumari, Founder & CEO A provider of various VLSI services including Design, Verification, Prototyping and Technical Writing services while providing VLSI training to freshers
Konnet Solutions Konnet Solutions Balkrishna (Raju) Kondalkar, Chairman & Managing Director A provider of Solutions for Energy Efficiency, Data Network, Passive Network, Video Surveillance and Access Control etc.
Maven Silicon Maven Silicon Sivakumar P R, Founder and CEO A provider of advanced VLSI Design and Verification courses for college graduates and experienced engineers which offers System Verilog and UVM based advanced verification courses.
QSoCs QSoCs Bharath Desareddy, Managing Director A provider of VLSI training programs such as Certified Physical Design Engineer (QCPDE), Certified Design Verification Engineer (QCDVE), Integrated Internship Program (QIIP) and IoT Online Program etc.
RV VLSI Design Center RV VLSI Design Center Venkatesh Prasad, Founder & CEO A provider of VLSI training programs such as Advanced Diploma in ASIC Design (ADAD), Advanced Diploma in ASICDesign – RTL Verification and Advanced Diploma in ASIC Design.
Sandeepani   School Of Embedded System Design Sandeepani School Of Embedded System Design Venugopal D Kulkarni, Dean A provider of Professional Development Course on VLSI System Engineering & Verification for fresh engineering graduates while Offers Corporate Training.
Sofcon India Sofcon India Bhagwan Singh, Co-owner A provider of VLSI Design and Verification Training courses suchAs VLSIDigital Design, VLSI-FPGA, VLSI- System Verilog and VLSI-Verilog etc.
Tevatron Technologies Tevatron Technologies Rajeev Tiwari, Director A provider of VLSI Design, FPGA Based Design,VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification, CMOS Layout & PCB Design & Embedded Systems.
Vivartan Technologies Vivartan Technologies Sunil Kumar H V, Director A provider of VLSI training programs like Certificate Program in VLSI Design, Professional Development Program in Full Custom Physical Design (Layout) and Professional Development Program In Physical Design (P & R) etc.