Power Electronical: An NABL Accredited Electro Technical Calibration Service Provider

Calibration services are necessary for the testing and measurement of industrial devices and equipments. The Calibration services industry has been growing at a steady rate to encompass many industrial sectors from electronic to petrochemical. The Calibration market is subsequently fragmented and competitive. One company making great strides in this unique ecosystem is Power Electronical. Established in the year 1998, initially the company started as a manufacturer of Tan Delta and Capacitance Test kits used for insulation assessment of electrical equipment like motors, generators, and power and distribution of transformers. The company is headquartered in the industrial city of Nasik where their calibration laboratory was eventually set up in the year 2014. Power Electronical's calibration laboratory can be described as a unique electro technical Calibration Lab meant for testing and measuring equipments such as High Voltage Power source( 0-100 KV) , Oil Break down Voltage(BDV)Test Set(0-100 kV), Capacitance and Tan Delta Test Set, Insulation Resistance (IR) Test Set, Oil tan delta and Resistivity Test Set, and Dielectric Frequency Response Test Set.
Bharat Tajne, Founder
Power Electronical is backed by a team of highlyexperienced technocrats who have a vast pool of knowledge when it comes to testing electronic equipments related to Power and Electronic industry. The team is well adept in using some of the master calibrators which includes the likes of AC/DC HV Divider with measuring system (0-100kV), SF6 gas filled Standard Capacitor (up to 1000 pF), High precision Tan Delta Decade (up to 10 percent), High precision Resistance Decade(1 MOhm to 10 TerraOhm), Capacitance/Tan Delta System (Megger/Omicron), and IR Tester (Megger). Typically, all of their laboratory processes are
as specified by ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and audited as per NABL guidelines, and each individual equipment has their own standard (IEEE/IEC/IS/ASTM etc.) procedures which are adhered too. Moreover they also check for consistency and repeatability and hence take at least 6 sets of measurements assessing the mean value and deviations.

Power Electronical’s calibration laboratory can be described as a unique electro technical Calibration Lab meant for testing and measuring equipments

Power Electronical delivers its calibration services not only in its laboratory located in Nasik, but the company is also equipped to deliver its services at site(customer's location). For IR tester calibration, most labs can calibrate up to 1 Terraohm, and have recently upgraded to calibrate up to 10 Terraohm. Besides these calibration services they also offer repair options for damage or out of tolerance/accuracy test kits.

In due course of time, the company and their Calibration services and products managed to gain good reputation among its customers and over the years they have served more than 360 clients. One of Power Electronical customers in Maharashtra had purchased an ‘oil breakdown voltage test kit'from a reputed manufacturer. When the need arose for getting the kit calibrated, the company had no service setup in India. The customer had to either send the kit back to US or procure a calibrator accessory. The cost of the options exceeded the price of the BDV kit itself and hence could not get management approvals. The Power Electronical team assessed this kit and its data on accuracy tolerance and such parameters of significance, and performed the calibration at the client's premises at the fraction of a cost. They are now regularly engaging with this client.

For the times ahead, Power Electronical is intending to ramp up their existing facilities and has prioritised increasing its calibration enhancement levels from 100 Kv level to 250 Kv. The company is also planning to calibrate more products like CT analyser Very Low Resistance (micro ohm) meters and Variable frequency Power Sources.