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    Calibration services can be traced back to the late antiquity period when weights and measures first came to use. Today Calibration services have evolved to be an indispensable part of the upkeep of any measurement device or instrument in a business. The Calibration market worldwide is projected to reach the 3.5 billion USD mark by 2023 and it is growing at a compounded growth rate of 7.5 percent. Businesses and start-ups request for calibration services to make sure that their equipments and instruments are giving accurate reading and functioning without any anomalies. In essence, any device in an industrial setting that depends on pressure, temperature and speed requires calibration services to ensure its efficiency. There are an innumerable number of industrial equipment that...

10 Most Promising Calibration Labs - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AA Calibration AA Calibration Anand Chaurasia, CEO Offers thermocouple calibration services, instrument calibration services, pressure & vacuum instruments calibration, mass & volume instruments services, tork & hardness instruments calibration and mechanical thermal and electro technical services.
Bagson Calibration Lab Bagson Calibration Lab Vivek Bagga, Director Delivering a wide range of products like CI surface plates, granite surface plates, bench centers, straight edges, measuring equipment, etc.
Cal Scientific Cal Scientific Pradeep Gande , CEO Engages in different calibration processes in medical and pharma industry to help lab challenges with Instrument management, chemical management, and sample preparation, that complies with US FDA regulations.
Helix India Helix India Chitra Rao Nanda Kumar, Director Facilitates in the distribution of medical equipments and provides calibration for patient monitors, ventilators, syringe pump, infusion pump, electrosurgical unit, anesthesia machine, defibrillator, and ECG machine.
Hi Tech Calibration Services Hi Tech Calibration Services Dharmesh Purohit , CEO Offers NABL accreditation, onsite calibration, calibration laboratories, thermal calibration, electro technical calibration, pressure calibration, mass calibration, volume calibration, force calibration, civil lab calibration, and hospital instrument calibration.
 InstaCal Engineers InstaCal Engineers Prajwal SP , Executive Director Provides on site and inhouse calibration and repair services for a wide range of testing, measuring and manufacturing equipment.
International Centre Of Automotive Technology International Centre Of Automotive Technology Dinesh Tyagi, Director Offers services such as power train, noise vibration and harshness, component, fatigue, photometry, tyre & wheel, passive safety, EMC and CAD & CAE for industries in automotive and non-automotive development.
Nuvia India Nuvia India Minu Singh , Managing Director Delivers radiation protection services and products comprising of radiation monitoring and detection instruments.
Power Electronical Power Electronical Bharat Tajne, Founder Providers of test & measurement solutions for oil testing, transformer testing, generator testing, motor testing, and testing of all other High Voltage / EHV electrical objects.
SME Calibration Centre SME Calibration Centre Sanjay S Mahajan, CEO Engaged in sales, servicing / calibration & spares of material testing equipments, metallurgical testing equipments & other quality control instruments.