Surbhi Electronet: Offering Continued Business Value

Mukesh Agarwal,DirectorWhat crowns one winner in a services industry? While many keep guessing the secret, Surbhi Electronet Private Limited (SEPL) has been walking away with the crown for over a decade.

Through the high degree of customer care offered by a dedicated team of skilled professionals, Surbhi proffers continued business value to its customers

Want to know their secret ingredients? It is their professionalism, systematic methodology to its business, core technical competencies and dedication to their clients that have uniquely positioned the company as the clear winner throughout their history of over fourteen years. Specializing in offering the best IT-related products and services to customers across Rajasthan, SEPL as an Oracle Partner leverages its strong market positioning to help Oracle spread its wings within the state. SEPL's solutions are tailor-made to suit clients' enterprise in a
manner which consistently increases revenue, reduces costs and accelerates time to market; in other words, serves the customer better.

Oracle, being the leader in its segment, has a comprehensive suite of applications and provides solutions for every role in an enterprise. "Oracle is an immensely reputed brand with proven track-record. However, its presence in Rajasthan was limited to an extent and that's where we step in," explains Mukesh Agarwal, Director. Hence SEPL has created a team of experienced sales people with strong domain knowledge to leverage Oracle's technology to help Oracle offer innovative and measure solutions.

Winning Customers Alike
SEPL focuses on serving its customers better through its diverse expertise to help clients re-engineer and re-invent their business in order to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace. Surbhi has a holistic vision of business - both internal and external. Rooted firmly in a thoroughly professional, systematic approach to doing business, the company does its best to grow as a business entity with a wholesome appetite for enhancing its financial status not by cutting corners, but by implementing best management techniques and practices.

Through the high degree of customer care offered by a dedicated team of skilled professionals who with vision, approach and analytical skills can independently handle/offer solutions for hardware or software troubles, SEPL proffers continued
business value to its customers. With single-minded devotion to quality through best-of-breed products, global best practices and solutions, the company has eminently won customers in both government and private sectors coming from different verticals akin to financial institutions, research institutions, academic and educational institutions, hospitals, commercial institutions, businessmen, and others.

The company implements a sound business strategy that is client-oriented, which has helped Surbhi transform its customers as brand ambassadors and garner enviable reputation in the industry as a trustworthy, honest and genuine business entity. Being a dynamic young company with a leadership composed of professional directors, all motivated by a common desire to maintain its position as the numerouno IT solution provider in the state, the company offers a wide range of major brands via its bouquet of products, both hardware and software.

Going Ahead
Prepared for the long run, Surbhi has sharpened its arsenals to sustain in this dynamic and cut-throat technology environment that changes rapidly. Going further, with the current government's focus on IT and ITeS services, there is tremendous growth envisioned for the next few years by Surbhi. "We want to be a part of this growth and are looking to expand our team aggressively to be able to make good use of the available opportunities in the market," says Mukesh Agarwal.