McIntellect Solutions: The Ideal Data Centre Navigator

R.Chandar,Founder & Director


Founder & Director

It was late 2013 when a Tamil Nadu based automotive brake systems manufacturer, vexed with their all 16 System/Network Integration service vendors. The mayhem of instructions made it a real clutter for the company. Exploration for a perfect safeguard for this hassle culminated in the 'single vendor concept' and client's choice was an Oracle Gold Partner, the mcIntellect Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Besides the assistance part, mcIntellect plays the all-rounder role by manifesting its Software Development skill-set

The company brought back the grin on client's face by pumping them not only with Data Centre Construction Consulting (DCCC), but also the end-to-end solutions right from HW, SW, Operational processes and IT purchase processes, which made mcIntellect the TCO of their client. "We engage ourselves on a 'consultant' mode with our clientele. Our organization
is good at providing 'Gap Analysis' (usage vs original purchase) and a long term cost savings on our client's IT budget. We also ensure our clients are using Oracle products legally," asserts Chandar R, Founder & Director, mcIntellect Solutions. The cost effective DCCC solutions carved by the certified professionals of the organization is the cornerstone behind the domain-stardom of mcIntellect.

Make of mcIntellect
The company kick-started its journey in April 2013 with a mission to bring fresh & innovative approach to IT consulting services for SMEs and mass corporate. Today, being privileged as a direct agent for 'Oracle Shared Services', mcIntellect provides L1 to L5 levels of support to enterprises without any shatter from its pulp of mission. "We have Oracle as a practice in our company and we are also involving in the Infra business. Thus we provide hardware as well as software solutions to our clients covering complete topology of IT," adds Chandar.

Leveraging on the expertise reaped in cutting-edge DCCC offerings, the organization also provides services such as AMC & FMS, IT Products Sales and IT Consulting. Besides the assistance part, mcIntellect plays the all-rounder role by manifesting its Software Development skill-set. For each and every service in the plot of Oracle, based on platforms such as .Net, Cloud, Sharepoint, Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows and BB),Java, Drupal, Pearl and Python, the company assures the integration of
its solutions to the existing business systems and increased productivity which escorts to the market domination. On the economic perspective, the 'pay as you go and pay for what you need' strings attached with the offering index makes it a hot deal all together. No wonder this ISO certified company is the Oracle consultant for giant firms such as Toshiba and recognized by Oracle India for clinching the first 'Software as a service' (SAAS) and 'Platform as a service' (PAAS) order via channels for Oracle.

An Eye Forward
"We invest on our resources on technical and soft-skill certifications.We conduct 'dual appraisal' along with recognition award for our employees during their first year of engagement," adjoins Chandar. This strong work culture followed within combines with the mcIntellect's Centre of Excellence (CoE) lab to keep the attrition rate down to 1.3 percent.

The self funded organization played year 2015 on its way to make it a fantabulous one, revenue hitting Rs.8.3 crore. "We already crossed Rs.12.4 crore and our target is to double the revenue comparatively to the last financial year by getting into the US market," concludes Chandar. With the US entry, the company anticipates to hire H1 consultants and get into staffing for addressing Oracle challenges as well as developing mobile apps.To execute promptly, the company has blueprints to have IP on products, start mcIntellect Communications Pvt Ltd, and own a 'State of the Art' data centre.