Nuvia India: Offers Calibration Expertise in all Aspects of Radiation Monitoring & Protection

  Minu Singh ,  Managing Director

Minu Singh

Managing Director

Calibration services play a very crucial role in measuring and rectifying the deviation in the performance of testing and measurement instruments. The global calibration service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.99 percent to reach USD 5,580.00 Million by 2020. This growth would be driven by increasing awareness about quality standards, focus on preventive maintenance, and strict government regulations. Nuvia, as a well-known provider of radiation protection services, provides NABL accredited & AERB recognized radiation protection instrumentation (RPI) calibration service for a wide range of radiation instruments. These instruments are pocket dosimeters, radiation survey meter, area monitor, contamination monitor and teletactor. Nuvia offers Calibration & Repair of Radiation Monitoring instruments, Training & Consultancy and a wide range of Product line in all aspects of radiation monitoring and detection.

With state-of-the-art calibration facility in New Delhi, the company expertise has been developed over years and is backed up by a highly trained, committed workforce and a wide range of specialist resources. "Our facility is equipped with the necessary instruments, standards, procedures, and personnel to maintain high quality calibration performance. We undertake calibration for all types of instruments. The service offers a prompt and reliable response with a rapid turn around time to all customers and
complements maintenance and repair service," explained Minu Singh, Managing Director, Nuvia India.

Challenge Specific Unique Services and Products
In the calibration industry, the primary keep space challenge clients that mostly goes through is that mostly all the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) are based overseas and customer needs has to toggle between the OEM and calibration service provider. Nuvia overcomes these challenges by providing one stop shop solutions to customers. The company has its own design, testing and manufacturing which extensively enables Nuvia to rapidly adapt its products to regulatory and/or client specific changes and/or offer new solutions. "We provide calibration, repair, consultancy and products under a single roof. If the instrument does not perform within acceptance limit, we offer repair services that spares the customer from contacting the original equipment manufacturer,"adds Minu.

Nuvia offers Calibration & Repair of Radiation Monitoring instruments, Training & Consultancy and a wide range of Product line in all aspects of radiation monitoring and detection

Moreover working with an international team, the company delivers a complete range of Nuvia Group services to the clients. Nuvia provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the radiation doses to workers and the public are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable(ALARA). As the company provides radiation measuring instruments and repair services, Nuvia also caters the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for those instruments. Additionally, Nuvia offers a range of radiation protection training courses either from New Delhi or at the customer's premises. All the company's work is performed by Suitably Qualified & Experienced Persons(SQEP). This staffs seamlessly integrate into clients' operations to provide operational monitoring expertise.

Being a solution provider, Nuvia's impact is defined when their clients become level 5 customers and repeat the order by approaching them for their requirements. The company has various clients from industrial, medical, research, consumer products and scanning facilities. As the company wishes to continue on its growth trajectory, Nuvia has recently secured orders from UAE and Bangladesh. "We have every reason to feel confident and optimistic as we move into 2020. We have a strong order book that reflects the trust of our clients' place in us and the buoyancy of our markets", concludes Minu.