NetImpact: Delivering a Holistic Range of Social Analytics Services & Real-time Business Insights for Clients' Brand Growth

Rahul Saighal,Managing Director

Rahul Saighal

Managing Director

Six million developers worldwide are currently working on big data and advanced analytics, which illustrates its prominence in the Business Intelligence realm. But a recent global survey shows that among the 85 percent of companies trying to be data-driven, only 37 percent of them have been really successful. Positioning itself at the cusp of technology, business and brands to redefine the concept of data science, NetImpact proffers a holistic range of services with a data-centric and consumer-centric focus to help in unlocking the brand’s growth potential. “Our entrenched position in the big data space as the thought leader in terms of quality and value addition can be attributed to our marketing & business driven focus. Using syndicated & proprietary tools & techniques we endeavour to always deliver real-time, sharp and actionable insights and customized solutions to clients in tune with their brand objectives,” elucidates Rahul Saighal, Managing Director, NetImpact.

Tailoring Social Data
Leading many strategic marketing disruptions while working at Unilever and as CMO

at Aircel and Samsung, Rahul witnessed a vast dearth in tailoring the humungous data available as per the brand needs. Hence, by forming a seasoned team that includes experts from blue-chip companies and MNCs NetImpact provides live feeds of analysed & structured data and real-time & actionable insights aligned towards brands’ needs to elevate their KPI curve via its big data social analytics. Operating on an ‘always on’ basis,it also renders business growth ideas,support on timely execution of responses in tandem with consumers needs and competitors and capacity to engage at the right time with audiences. Further more by having a deep understanding on the clients’ brands and their context of operation, NetImpact handholds them in spotting opportunities and executing programmes at a rapid pace through an efficient analysis framework.

Operating on an ‘always on’ basis, it also renders business growth ideas, support on timely execution of responses in tandem with consumers’ needs and competitors and capacity to engage at the right time with audiences

Holding a treasure trove of valuable analytics and strong response processes, NetImpact aggrandizes value added online reputation management by strategically enabling clients to
edify their audience about their brands and also to promote their products. Also through its online response management, the company ensures that the clients obtain adverse feedbacks on time with accurate contexts and classifications in order to resolve them in less time.

'Less is More' Mantra
By adhering to all the standard compliances, Delhi-based NetImpact enjoys facing the wide variety of challenges and educating its partner brands on the impact of latest marketing initiatives thereby elevating their ROI. Breathing the ‘less is more’ mantra that implies being picky while choosing clients, it deals with industries like FMCG, Telecommunications, Mobile, Media, Social Platform players, e-Commerce and Steel and also ensures to uphold long-term partnerships and deep value addition by never compromising on quality.

As the client's imperative decisions rely on the insights that it provides, NetImpact assures that its team of 15 take responsibility in being mindful and constantly update their knowledge base on the latest trends in social analytics. Imbibing a culture that consolidates innovation, confidentiality, brand orientation and rigour, its R&D team rigorously engages in seamless innovations and carving big data analytics tools & techniques in accordance with the emerging challenges. No wonder, the company has been witnessing sustained high-growth trajectory since its inception in 2014, and imputes this to its prime internal focus on delivering best-in-class quality service and insights over growth.