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  • 10 Most Promising Big Data Analytics Service Providers - 2018

    The world today is made up of data and is thriving on data. The industrial scenario that we see today rests upon the foundation of data collected, its understanding and security that bear the capacity of either crippling or accentuating the organisations’ and even nations’ current progress. With such delicate balance in consideration, it is imperative that we understand the value of data and comprehend to a degree where we are able to channelize it for our growth and stupor. Big Data Analytics experts are the modern day number crunchers that are helping some of the biggest names in the industry analyse the emotional and capital behaviour of their biggest stakeholders, the end consumers. Big data is data sets that are so voluminous and complex that traditional data...

10 Most Promising Big Data Analytics Service Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aureus Analytics Aureus Analytics Anurag Shah, Co-Founder & CEO A Customer Intelligence and Experience Company empowering insurers to deliver a superior customer experience for greater customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value
Axtria Axtria Jaswinder Chadha, Co-Founder & CEO A blend of industry professionals, data scientists, business analysts, and technology experts providing consultative leadership and a company culture of innovation that continually challenges the status quo
Clustr Clustr Sushant Goel, Co-Founders Bringing the power of information and analytics to the MSME fabric, exclusively targeting millions of startup enterprises within the first few years of their live operations
Dataken Dataken Suresh Gokarakonda, Co-Founder & CEO An AI based unified data science platform providing proficient industry solutions incorporating predictive network management & cluster analysis, micro segmentation, data monetization and digital marketing
Fractal Analytics Fractal Analytics Pranay Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO Helping Fortune 500 organisations understand the consumer's purchase power and undertake business decisions with key insights from the analysis
Inent Software Inent Software Kiran Asola, CEO, Sitaram Kuruganti, COO Helping organizations to discover clear & accurate problem statements and performs data cleansing before deploying any specific model making data accessible and actionable
Manthan Manthan Atul Jalan, Founder Offering comprehensive analytics solutins focusing on the retail enterprises and help inculcate the humane aspect into the business operations
NetImpact NetImpact Rahul Saighal, Managing Director A pioneer in the filed of advanced big data social analytics with focus on businesses and brands using syndicated and proprietary tools & techniques to provide sharp actionable insights that are inline with brand objectives
Perceptive Analytics Perceptive Analytics Chaitanya Sagar, CEO Elevating business revenues of e-Commerce and healthcare industries by applying Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics and Business Intelligence with utmost domain expertise and functional knowledge