• Clairvoyant: Introducing the 'Efficiency' Phase of Big Data Culture
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    Clairvoyant: Introducing the 'Efficiency' Phase of Big Data Culture

    Data has often been heralded as the new ‘oil’ - a commodity more precious than any natural resource in today’s digital economy. Ever growing data-breaches being the arch -enemy of this new big data culture, organizations across the world live with a sword over their head. The recent breach at the American big box department store chain - KMart, where hackers used the stolen data to create counterfeit credit cards, alarms the same warning. With the continued risk of breaches and new regulations like GDPR coming down the pike, it’s an undeniable truth that many companies often have no idea what sensitive data exists in their ecosystem, in virtue of bulk data coming from multifarious sources and platforms in real time. Manual audit however is out of the picture. Whereas,...


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