MeraCRM: Offers Indianized, Integrated & Flexible CRM Solutions to SMBs

Ashvin Savani, CEOBuilding customer relationships seem simple; how ever businesses across India have been struggling with it. India does business in a non standard way and hence globally successful CRMs are unsuccessful in the country. While most Indian CRM solutions are tuned towards the western market style, MeraCRM, a venture of ‎Avinashi Ventures, brings forth an Indianized, highly flexible CRM solution that can fit to any size of businesses. Inherited a 17 years strong product culture, MeraCRM unsurprisingly helps organizations to delight customers and transform them into their brand ambassadors.

Born in 2011, MeraCRM caters on three stakes: bosses who are ready to invest in tools for better productivity, middle management who handle their team, and executors who struggle to complete daily report. “We tried to solve these key problems by understanding their contexts and processes that can be solved with highly customizable MeraCRM platform,” asserts Ashvin Savani, CEO, MeraCRM. Instead of SMEs implementing CRM into business, the company implements clients’ current processes to the MeraCRM platform, which drastically reduce implementation time and changes resistance from the staff.
MeraCRM - The Indian SMB User Friendly Suite

MeraCRM’s advanced, easy-to-use yet cost-effective solution not only manages marketing (via SMS & email), pre-sales, operations, customer support (tele-calling support via Android integration), complete sales process and so on, but also focuses on small daily productivity hacks like debt analysis, alerts, reminders, reports, automated triggers, follow-ups and quick search. The solution provides integrated marketing tools like tags & ribbons, filters, and automated campaigns & sales process tool that distinguishes achievers from under achievers. The product even provides a unique report facility (full day report of team in single email), which enables managers to get updated instantly with out logging into CRM.

Mera CRM software not only saves customers additional information but its entire sales management is aligned with multi sales-pipelines, visual pipeline views, customer kundli and intelligent and multi-version supported quotes & invoices

Unlike other CRMs, MeraCRM software not only saves customers additional information but its entire sales management is aligned with multi sales pipelines, visual pipeline views, customer kundli (Indian way to assess customer) and intelligent and multi-version supported quotes
& invoices. This cloud based CRM collects & presents all the conversations featured on the Indian social networks regarding customer’s product. Moreover, MeraCRM’s mobile based solution integrates well with deep roots of the business processes via easy and intelligent automation engine, which helps customers to resolve pain points such as keeping log of field staffs and staff communications, setting work priority, finding employees real-time data & data security through its rich features like real-time GPS location tracking, call management (for training/audit), stringent security system (OTP system & controls to turn-off printing/exporting of the data), and data import & duplicates preventive engine among others.

On weekly basis, its Product champions and Product team sits together to discuss challenging needs that the company receives from customers and builds solutions wearing different hats representing top middle management and field team. It remains in touch with customers, provides them training material and even on board its own employees at client place to offer hassle-free services.

MeraCRM is ready to launch a mobile app (Whats App like communication medium for large teams) for easiest data entry in Q4-2017. Its upcoming layer of customization engine will not just allow customizing MeraCRM for vertical specific solutions but also push the limits to provide customers the exact same data entry and reports they need without single unwanted field/process. With an intentionally controlled monthly revenue growth of 15 percent, MeraCRM aims to become the most popular CRM for Indian SMEs at affordable cost by FY2020.