Linktel Media: Cloud-Based, Robust & Automated IVR Solution in a Single Affordable Package

Rajesh Dimania, Director & Co-Founder,Kaushal Bansal, Director & Co-Founder
Rajesh Dimania, Director & Co-Founder

The traditional IVR technology, i.e., the telephonic menu system, enabled a person-to-person interaction with an agent who certainly handled customer’s problems in a better way. But with passing time, to tackle the ever-increasing load, these traditional systems evolved into automated & technologically upgraded platform encompassing cloud, SaaS and visual IVR. While these platforms provide the IVR solutions with latest technology in the market, the service providers restrict the control over various features or charge extra for the same.

Standing apart from the herd, Linktel Media implements a contemporary IVR sales method for a subscription-based model with no hidden charges for any additional features, and provides a systematic automated & affordable IVR solution through a cloud-based telephony platform called CallerDesk. Established in 2014 by two veterans of IT & Business Development, Kaushal Bansal & Rajesh Dimania (Directors & Co-Founders), Linktel started its journey by providing lead generation for their multiple enterprise existing client. Later, it created an automated IVR solution to track the leads for internal use & gradually improvised it, while
initiating another standalone company, Deskotel Communications Pvt. Ltd. in 2016. With over 300 recurring customers and average 50,000 monthly calls landing on the platform, today Linktel stands out as a robust IVR solution provider.

"Linktel Media implements a contemporary IVR sales method for a subscription-based model with no hidden charges for any additional features"

Easing-Out Clients' Worry in a Simple Way
Leveraging the founders' deep technical & industrial know-how and unparallel assets, Caller Desk has scored over the traditional IVR by creating a sub-admin account for each channel partner and gives complete control over features. These features include voice & auto-reply SMS templates, time & office schedule, call routing to notification control, missed call routing, direct, DTMF routing, voice mail, or welcome sound routing. All of these solutions are a single click away, cost maximum at Rs.1000 per month and are created to provide best ROI for clients. “Caller Desk provides comprehensively arranged & analyzed marketing data for businesses that value incoming/outgoing phone calls. From call attribution, lead analytics to caller overall support experience improvement, it has got everything to drive the marketer’s revenue,” explains Kaushal.

Empowering the clients through a single package IVR solution, the platform not only ensures performance but also guarantees secure end-to-end solutions & service providers who deliver superior value to the customers.
“We are giving robust platform with latest features and 99.9 percent uptime to clients based upon overall infra and all strategies, i.e., dedicated, firewall & bandwidth, load balancing, fail over & back-up in our all online services which are placed in datacenters,” asserts Rajesh.

Kaushal Bansal
Director & Co-Founder

Linktel has been selected and featured in Tata Do Big Symposium 2017 initiative with ET CIO for adopting digital technology innovative form. CallerDesk is one of the Startup idea/concept & working that is recommended by IIM-L Incubator for Startup India, as well as recognized by 'Startup India', a Govt. of India initiative.

Heading Towards Advanced Tech
With a turnover of $2 million in the last financial year, Linktel expects to reach &3 million this year. The company will soon launch Freemium plan for its end users for maximum exposure and for essential used product feedback. “We’re going to upgrade the platform with inbuilt AI chatbot, virtual auto dialer system, voice over tracking system, automatic speech recognition and many other and roll out it in Beta launching target by 2019,” concludes the duo.