Karthicks Foreign Language Center: Mastering Localization for Multilingual Excellence

  Madhumitha Tulsi,    Managing Director

Madhumitha Tulsi

Managing Director

Software localization, an artful fusion of language and technology, enhances user experience by adapting digital wonders to diverse cultural nuances. It is driven by globalization, multilingual population, and global communication, which helps to ensure that everyone can use software regardless of their language or culture. However, there are several reasons that are holding organizations back from investing in software localization services. It includes concern over accuracy and quality of translations, security and confidentiality, lack of qualified and experienced linguists, and many more.

As the slightest errors in the translation can lead to misunderstandings or miscommunication organizations look for a reliable and highquality software localization service provider. This is where Karthicks Foreign Language Center (KFLC) marks its presence. Having been in the industry for over 3 decades now, KFLC provides valuable services in law and translations. The services include training, translation, interpretation, localization, transcription, voice-over, and subtitling.

KFLC delivers high quality on time translations in over 37 languages. They provide translation services for various document types across diverse fields. Asia pacific, Scandinavian and all European Languages and Intensive individual language training is available in Bangalore, catering to businesses and individuals aiming for rapid and economical skill enhancement. The courses are customized to meet the specific needs of clients. “Our goal is to bridge cultures, break barriers, and enhance global communication", states Madhumitha Tulsi, Lawyer Linguist Central Government of India Notary Public, Common European framework Certified Translator.

Bridging the Linguistic Gap
The translation team at KFLC possesses the linguistic proficiency required to address your communication requirements, owing to their extensive professional background and complete mastery of the source language. Additionally, quality assurance is prioritized by selecting the appropriate translator for each client and having backup translator teams available when needed. These teams, comprised of highly skilled professional linguists, enable us to handle projects of any scope, whether it's a comprehensive 500-page technical manual or a concise 4-page product description.

Established in 1994, Karthicks has maintained a consistent commitment to quality in addressing a diverse spectrum of white-collar business configurations and providing legal counsel. The company’s strength lies in its capacity to identify optimal and often groundbreaking solutions. This stems from their client-centric approach: actively engaging with clients, comprehending their businesses and requirements, and gaining insight into their operational landscapes. KFLC’s expertise encompasses areas such as private and public borrowings, mergers and acquisitions, securities, intellectual property litigation, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, as well as technology licensing and intellectual property strategies.

Karthicks Foreign Language Center’s goal is to bridge cultures, break barriers & enhance global communication

Tapping the Power of AI
Karthicks Foreign Language Center’s AI-driven solution uses Translation Memory (TM) system, machine translation system and other technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Chatbots, Sentiment Analysis: Speech Recognition: Text Generation, Translation and Summarization, Named Entity Recognition(NER), Language Models, Tokenization, Preprocessing, Semantic Understanding, Ethical Considerations. Translators also use AI-generated suggestions as a starting point and then apply their linguistic and cultural expertise to fine tune translations.

The company’s success can be credited to Tulsi, who is dedicated to helping organizations enhance their international presence and her highly skilled team. Karthicks Foreign Language Center does it by providing premium quality translation services for IT Industry and Technical Translations on Medical Systems, and Science, technology transfer and web sites, Print and major video Games in all major world languages as well as international web site promotion, design, and hosting services.

“We believe in building resources and expertise most critical to our clients, whether for domestic individual clients or multi-national blue chips corporate. We are committed to help our clients succeed and prosper in their business", concludes Tulsi.