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  • 10 Most Promising Software Localization Service Providers - 2023

    Different Languages Connecting the World Localization is much more than an option for companies that want to touch the global borders, it has now become a powerful strategy that can assist a brand survive overseas. By localizing your content, you are basically building a bridge to your target consumers and making your brand reputed in the global market. Localization means preparing your business for presentation to a new target market, typically in a new region; you are making your product or content more accessible to a new audience. It develops and brings to the market products that satisfy the needs of the target people's lives. This way, companies becomes an inevitable part of the consumer's habits. With the help of localization, your companies become suitable for...

10 Most Promising Software Localization Service Providers - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ActiveLoc ActiveLoc Deepak M., Director A firm providing translation and localization services for companies and individuals all over the world, including document, software, app and website translations and localization at competitive prices
Crystal Hues Crystal Hues Prabhakar Bhatt, Head-Branch A two-decade-old organization, uniquely positioned as the ideal partner providing complete translation and localization services
Devnagri Devnagri Nakul Kundra, Founder An AI-powered human translation platform, providing website translation, app translation, document translation and text translation services, more
Iconic Translation World Iconic Translation World Shiv Pandya, Director & CEO A translation company known for its dedication, expertise, and technologically enhanced solutions, providing extensive products and services to meet diverse language and communication requirements
Karthicks Foreign  Language Center Karthicks Foreign Language Center Madhumitha Tulsi, Managing Director The company in the industry for over 3 decades now, provides valuable services in law and translations. The services include training, translation, interpretation, localization, transcription, voice-over, and subtitling
Milestone Localization Milestone Localization A company providing localization services to businesses across the globe, creating delighted clients and valuable partnerships
Mindlingua Translation  Services Mindlingua Translation Services Imran khan, Owner A professional translation services provider of document translation, magazine translation, software localization, technical translation, website translation services and more
NS Web Labs NS Web Labs Niharika Dadhich, CEO A company committed to provide translation services, proofreading services, transcription services, interpretation services, localization services and more
Shakti Enterprise Shakti Enterprise Ajit Shirodkar, owner A translation and localization company specialized in medical translation, marketing translation, financial translation, technical translation, website translation and website, software and graphic localization services
Words Lead Words Lead Avichal Singh, Founder A firm specialized in website localization, app localization, game localization e-learning localization and translation services