International Centre for Automotive Technology: Undertaking Automotive R&D and Homologation Services

Dinesh Tyagi, Director

Dinesh Tyagi


Regularly timed and accurate calibration processes are always a requisite in the automotive industry for ensuring peak performance. As business enterprises are in tremendous pressure to maintain productivity and profitability an experienced calibration company that diligently meets the requirements forms the crucial part in maintaining success. International Centre for Automotive Technology, ICAT, with its state-of-the art facilities for calibration of thermal parameters and hydraulic pressure gauges provides temperature and pressure calibration services. The company, which was focused solely in providing services to testing labs till 2019, has now started serving to other industries as well.

Prompt, Accurate and Qualitative work
Plunging in to the field of force, electrical parameters, and vibration accelerometer calibration ICAT is working as an independent lab within its premises. The company aligns its calibration process with international standards and preserves facilities under controlled environmental conditions. Having its calibration labs accredited by NABL since 2010, ICAT follows the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
Moreover the company has also acquired Integrated Management System certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018. ICAT is a notified test and certification agency under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 recognized as an R&D institute, and has acquired BIS recognition for various testing scope. The company uses high precision sensors and instruments which are supplied by global leaders such as Fluke ISOTech and GE and also participates in inter laboratory comparison with renowned labs in the respective domains. Since ICAT is engaged in giving approvals, certifications and validation of automotive vehicles and sub assemblies the importance of using accurate measuring instruments which are trace able to national as well as international metrological institutes cannot be omitted. Considering that ICAT calibration lab is exercising a crucial role to verify the efficacy and accuracy of measuring instruments. "We have well equipped calibration laboratories for mechanical and thermal calibration. We provide internal testing labs for vehicle and engine emission, component testing and certification lab as well as automotive, electrical and electronics lab", explains Dinesh Tyagi, Director, ICAT.

The company aligns its calibration process with international standards and preserves facilities under controlled environmental conditions

Dinesh recalls a case where one of its clients in the emission testing process was not satisfied with the results. The client was commenting on the calibration process undertook by ICAT and the accuracies of temperature sensors. Therefore ICAT undertook the calibration process of entire sensors in the presence of the client and based on the output they accepted the emission results.

ICAT, being an independent company so far, has now started considering working jointly with other agencies in the similar domains. As a company established in the year 2005 ICAT has established itself as a trusted partner for all homologation and testing needs of automotive companies in vehicle level and component level within a short span of time. ICAT testing and calibration facilities are IMS certified from TUV India. Moreover, the company also bears certification of VCA for European Homologation testing activities.