Insta Printz: Converting Client's Imagination into Tangible & Usable Three-Dimensional Products

Prateek Sancheti, Founder & CEO

Prateek Sancheti

Founder & CEO

3D printing technology has made substantial advancements in developed countries like U.S., Europe and now India. 6Wresearch reveals Indian 3D printer market will touch $79 million by 2021, with automotive applications accounting for the biggest chunk of business. Educational and medical applications 3D printing are also expected to witness good growth. Seeing this figure, many passionate startups in India are jumping into the 3D printing bandwagon to bring this technology closer to the common man and Insta Printz is one among them who has already setup some very interesting business models surrounding 3D printing. The company provides not just 3D printers, but end-to-end solutions according to the discrete requirements of the customers, thereby converting their imagination into tangible and usable three-dimensional products.

Insta Printz is one of the very few players in the sector to render 3D printing services varying from gifting, miniatures to medical, education & training, and architecture/interior designs. Apart from making large plastic components, the venture’s recently launched metal 3D printing helps develop medical tools where in
these tools aid doctors to come-up with final product or in the final surgical processes. The company even offers customization implant helping surgeons and medical practitioners to lower the cost of surgical processes. “We have done three operative surgery models for Fortis Hospital and converted CT Scan data into a 3D prototype. Because of the preoperative surgery they performed on our models, the doctors successfully reduced the operation time to three and a half hours from nine and half hours,” says Prateek Sancheti, Founder & CEO, Insta Printz.

Insta Printz is one of the very few players in the sector to render 3D printing services varying from gifting, miniatures to medical, education & training, and architecture/interior designs

Alongside, Insta Printz provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D solutions to industries including machinery, and automobile segment to help it speed-up the process of resell or accuracy and performance of any retail. The company is bringing 360° changes in customer experience in association with Sony India wherein it is working on integrating 3D software into mobile application allowing people to scan their faces, upload the snap via mobile into its server and get the print or miniatures of the same at their doorstep without any hassle. “We are the only Indian 3D printing company to launch 3D software
within the country. The concept will make personalization easy & accessible, as people love to design their own products, customize and get printed the same,” asserts Prateek.

Quality Meets Affordability
The crux of a successful 3D printing lies in understanding the requisites of the clients and accordingly providing design solutions, get clients’ approval on the design and then craft the final product. Insta Printz does exactly this. Its product appealing design, uniqueness, quality and simplicity has brought major clients from across the industry, comprising of Gulf Lubricant, ESCON, KoGulf, Fortis and several others. Ensuring the quality of end products, Insta Printz follows strict medical and industrial grade guidelines to develop its entire product range. The organization is not only improvising on technology but also augmenting the final output & end product, and trying to make 3D printing easy, economical, comfortable plus accessible. Moreover, it motivates enterprises and startups to join hands and increase the acceptability and utilization of 3D products, thereby creating awareness in the industry and contributing towards upliftment of the 3D printing technology.

Founded with the vision to introduce novel 3D printing concepts, solutions, products and technologies/software, Insta Printz is currently working on enhancing the acceptability of the 3D printing product by infusing more IT solutions into the 3D software domain. “We are basically into B2B segment and soon launching B2C shops across India,” concludes Prateek.