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  • 20 Most Promising 3D Printing Service Providers-2018

    Recently a video featuring the talent of an architect by qualification and a pâtissier by profession took the internet by storm when she incorporated the never seen before geometrical art in her pastries, giving it a contemporary modern look and just as delicious. Turns out, the seemingly difficult mould was the result of simple design instructions given to a 3D printer that in a jiffy created modern art aiding tools. That is not all. Healthcare industry is now veering towards 3D printing to create complex prosthetics and medical instruments that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time if done by human hand, with room for error. Slowly, startups are now seeking to enterprise on this novel feature, creating a new market that is out to cater to almost industry out there,...

20 Most Promising 3D Printing Service Providers-2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Botshape Botshape Vaibhav & Pankul Jain, Co-Founders A rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing company providing innovative and cost effective solutions for all personal and professional needs through 3D printing
3D Tinker Hub 3D Tinker Hub Hardik Dave, CEO Leading 3D printing company customizing and processing product prints for home decoration, education and jewelry effortlessly and expeditiously using pioneering technology
3Dify 3Dify Ijas Abdulla, Co-Founder A unique aggregation of creativity and technology to create 3D prototype to fit every industrial and customised requirement of the customers
Bahama3 Bahama3 Nikhil Velpanur, Co-Founder Designed for both beginners and professionals, company's the Brahma3 Anvil is a 3D printing experience bar none, helping users explore their creative opportunities to the fullest
Binashree Binashree Sitendu Basak, Founder Moulding precise and affordable prototypes through 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting & Injection Moulding technology to deliver unmatched quality products
Bolt3D Printers Bolt3D Printers Adarsh Simon, Founder Young yet adroit 3D printing startup poised to transform the 3D printing industry with its fine designs and technological acumen
Insta Printz Insta Printz Prateek Sancheti, Founder & CEO Providing not just 3D printers, but end-to-end solutions according to the discrete requirements of the customers, thereby converting their imagination into tangible and usable three-dimensional products
LBD Makers LBD Makers Shivani Gupta, Co-Founder An organisation delving into the 3D printing and helping orgnisations, big or small leverage this technology for a better manufacturing process
MakeWhale Designs MakeWhale Designs Siddharth Saha, Founder & CEO A Design studio focused on creating products using 3D printing and modern additive manufacturing technologies
Marco Polo Marco Polo Aditya Kumar, Founder India’s largest 3D printing & prototyping service bureau catering to the NPD needs of plastic and metal products right from functional prototype development till production
Melting Mints Melting Mints Samarth Shah, Founder An innovation hub & one-stop-solution for high quality, personalized products and prototypesfrom conceptualization to installation
Metamorph 3D Printing Services Metamorph 3D Printing Services Akash Kumar, Director Integrating state-of-the-art expertise with 3D printing technology to deliver quality polished world-class results
New Media Communication New Media Communication Satya Swaroop, Managing Director Selling 3D printers and crafting 3D printing solutions from concept to creation of real-time, cost effective & error-free prototypes via incremental development process
Obejctify Obejctify Ankit Sahu, Managing Director Bringing about the next industrial revolution and leading the change by bringing in advanced 3D Printers to enable manufactures to realise their product faster
SAHAS Softech SAHAS Softech Samkit Shah, Co-Founder A multidisciplinary unique community which is extremely passionate about building relationships between creation and technologies
Stratnel Technologies Stratnel Technologies Kris Raghavan, Founder & CMO Focused engineering services company rendering top-notch 3D printing services backed by long experience, professionalism, and state-of-the-art tools
Tech Antilia Tech Antilia Umesh Vinod Sharma& Tushar Gupta, Directors A team of software and mechanical engineers relentlessly researching on 3D printing & other technologies as well as edifying students and customers on the same
Think3D Think3D Shrikanth Chaudhari,, Founder Reliable 3D Printing partner and not just a supplier providing honest opinion on various technologies and machines to help clients gain maximum ROI
Visuali Visuali Anand Ram, Marketing Head A rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and on-demand manufacturing specialist fully equipped with advanced equipment, techniques, and professional understanding of the industry