Inent: Innovator in Solving Big Data Challenges

Kiran Asola, CEO,Sitaram Kuruganti, COO

Kiran Asola, CEO

Sitaram Kuruganti, COO

According to Gartner, Big Data is high volume, high velocity, and high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to augment decision making, insight discovery and process optimization. In this evolving technology landscape, not all companies have access to relevant and clean data sets that are foundational to generate actionable insights.

Kiran Asola, CEO of Inent Software Services elaborates “We understood long ago that Big data would pose challenges not just on the infrastructure front, but also on the harvesting insights front. How would you accomplish the latter without domain centric analytics expertise to complement in-house Data scientists and/or Functional teams? So, we lined up the four key competencies - Data engineering, Data transformation, Data science and Business analytics- that generate new insights and contribute to true business impact: revenue, customer satisfaction, profitability and all that good stuff”.

Powered by Google Cloud & BigQuery, Inent provides customized solutions ranging from data cleaning/structuring and storage (with GCP),to complex solutions involving analytical modelling for Powered by Google Cloud & BigQuery, Inent provides

Inent ensures data encryption & decryption (transit & rest) and renders SSL & two factor authentication for entire products

customized solutions ranging from data cleaning/structuring and storage (with GCP),to complex solutions involving analytical modelling for domain-specific predictive and sentimental analysis. For acquiring full command over Big Data, the venture accesses, integrates, understands, manages and governs structured & unstructured data throughout its lifecycle. Its core competency lies in offering Hadoop along with application accelerators, analytics, visualization, development tools, performance and security features for the enterprises and consolidating data from multiple locations in different formats for lowering administration, storage, development and server costs. Inent helps clients to meet their growing business needs by evaluating their ways of doing business and innovative strategies and leveraging their ERP systems.

This 2010 founded company has strong skill sets in various Big Data technologies, platforms (TensorFlow, MXNet, Caffe2, and others), and tools (IBM Watson, DiffBlue, Nervana, amongst others) which are a mix of Public cloud and On-Perm solutions. It not only delivers end-to-end SAP implementations, but also employs BSIMM model to build products such as Analytics for Pharmacy chains (transform data into information, and information into insights), VAGH (platform to automate the virtual hiring process and have
meaningful and insightful decision) and Virtual Doctor. Inent maintains the highest standards of ethics and business conduct and always operates within the laws of its operating countries, thus complying with applicable data policies. It ensures data encryption & decryption (transit & rest) and renders SSL and two factor authentication for entire products. By leading change, inspiring innovation, and managing increasingly complex business improvement initiatives, Inent's philosophy is to delight the customer by enhancing the value.

Enhancing Customer Experience
With a pool of 50+ strong employees, Inent endeavours to craft robust analytics solution, enabling clients to meet the increasing demand of the market. These employees are frequently updated on cutting edge technologies via Continuous Capability Improvement program and skilled on at least one core area of Data Science (natural language processing, pattern matching in imaging analytics, and machine learning algorithms).

Having worked with mid-market, public & large private sectors and Fortune 500 companies for the past seven years, Inent understands the technological needs and organizational challenges faced by these companies with respect to Big Data and helps bridge the gap with its Big Data capabilities. Moving ahead, the company is planning to elevate its existing solutions to solve the problems of disparate data in various sectors. “We are known among customers for our flexibility, highly experienced staff, innovation and dedication to customer service,” concludes Kiran.