Helix: Various Medical Device Calibrations under a Single Roof

Regular maintenance and service are required for any instrument to work efficiently at its optimum potential. After a certain period of time and repeated use, all equipment starts deteriorating from its initial value. In the case of medical field the precision and accuracy of the equipment used has to be treated with utmost care.

As a pioneer in the field of medical device calibration in India, Helix has been rendering its services for the past 12 years. The company headquartered in Bengaluru caters to a wide range of customers from small to large hospitals in both private and public sector across India. As a company that does not compromise on quality, Helix understands the importance of calibration and has formulated a quality policy keeping the significance and criticality of the process in mind.
 Chitra Rao Nanda Kumar,  Director
In Compliance with Quality Standards
Being specialized in the medical device calibration area, Helix calibrates patient monitors, ventilators, syringe pump, infusion pump, and also electro surgical unit, an esthesia machine as well as other general medical devices like defibrillator and ECG machine. This includes electrical safety tests and performance testing and verification of these devices.

Moreover, Helix conducts testing and verification of medical gases in hospital sites. In order to not miss any procedure in calibration and prevent test engineers from going through lapse of alertness, Helix makes use of automation software and depends on Cloud based solution that tracks progress of projects.

The company has laid down clear internal guidelines adhering to standard procedures for testing and ensuring quality in its services. "We use the best and most trusted equipment for consistent and accurate results. No expense has been spared in the procurement and deployment of the master equipment. Equipments like the gas flow analyzer and the medical gas verification station are our prized possession", explains Chitra Rao Nanda Kumar, Director, Helix.

Helix ensures that the equipments are calibrated annually with valid trace ability for national/international levels. Helix also runs a sanity check each time when test equipments are transferred for onsite calibration as well as its return.

Helix ensures that the equipments are calibrated annually with valid trace ability for national/international levels

Helix invests due attention in constantly updating its knowledge and skill set by carrying out internal training & workshops. The company takes pride in its training division that is sought after by hospitals and medical colleges. To ensure top quality in its equipments used in calibration labs, Helix uses master equipment from industry leaders such as Fluke and Enmet. Carry case for sensitive equipments are also used not to compromise on accuracy and repeatability.

As a company that follows ISO 13485 for process compliance, it has modeled the laboratory on ISO 17025 and conforms to the norms laid by NABL 126. Helix has already carried soft launch of its offerings in medical gas pipeline test and calibration including purity percentage of Oxygen, impurity percentages of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, as well as pressure. Moreover, the company will also include quantitative tests in the hospital piping which is a major cause for wastage across hospitals. By showcasing a consistent growth in its revenue year over year, Helix foresees to double the current revenue in the successive years.