Finesse: Helping Clients Simplify Customer Interaction through Cloud-Based CRM Solutions

Sunil Paul,Co-Founder & COO

Sunil Paul

Co-Founder & COO

By 2018, 62 percent of CRM software will be cloud based and San Francisco based CRM giant, Sales force will be the market leader, claimed Forbes. Established in 2010, Bangalore-based Finesse is a proud Salesforce partner with a vision to build affordable & scalable cloud-based CRM solutions while helping companies forecast trends and increase sales by leveraging cloud computing to ensure mobility, real time insights, better decision-making and improved efficiency, and reap huge benefits. It seeks to facilitate its clients with assorted solutions of business intelligence, and customer engagement amongst others, whilst helping global organizations undergo a digital transformation by arming them with latest technical advancements and making technology user friendly.

While most clients approach CRM solutions apprehensively, expecting high operational cost, Finesse’s cloud based CRM is highly economical. Its offerings on cloud, Pay as you Go model and SaaS solutions are subscription based that help decrease maintenance and infrastructure costs that can be utilized to access new markets. Finesse’s adoption of advanced technology, robust infrastructure and a large talent pool helps clients
use their data to enhance customer experience and deliver tangible & value added services through cloud-ready solutions, mobile services and social media platforms,” states Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & COO, Finesse. With proven experience and deep industry-specific expertise, the company’s solutions and services are exceptionally qualified to deliver innovation with measurable performance.

Finesse’s cloud CRM solutions sync in real time and provide the latest picture of customer data & invoices that empower clients to capture and use that data to gain accurate insights and profit

Finesse’s cloud CRM solutions sync in real time and provide the latest picture of customer data & invoices that empower clients to capture and use that data (through unified company information) to gain accurate insights and profit. The advanced analytics gather information from multiple sources and maps its predictive modelling to aid better and informed decisions. Primarily assisting in CRM and system integration (includes the supply, installation and integration of software and on-site support services) services, this company additionally offers governance, risk & compliance retail banking sales automation, social media solutions and many more. Condemning one-size-fits-all approach, it fabricates industry specific solutions for BFSI, education and several other industries.
Fuelling the Digital Scenario

Finesse’s CRM solutions are a blend of traditional and modern features. While the advantages of traditional CRM software like tracking sales interactions and identifying patterns targets end consumer requirements can be leveraged with the company’s CRM offerings, its Omni channel solutions for IRM, CRM and social CRM help curate a customized service for the user. The cloud platform helps sales & marketing team work remotely and allows virtual work forces and multinationals to work through collaboration, thereby improving business value. Finesse provides all-round solution to meet challenges faced by customers and brings to the table the expertise on business intelligence & analytics, and enterprise performance management to complement CRM solutions.

The company has been recognized as an industry leader winning many accolades such as the Red Herring Global Top 100 System Integration Company and several others. Serving some of the biggest names like Fedex, Mc Donalds, RSA, Carre four and many more, Finesse caters to 200+ organizations worldwide with a very strong presence in Middle East and India. With eyes firmly set on the horizon, Sunil informs, “We will be expanding to Africa & Europe markets by next year and our staff strength should cross 400. We are expecting our revenues to touch $100 million by 2022 (currently growing between 30-35 percent)”. The company is focused on strengthening its position on cloud computing, digital transformation and CEM solutions too.