Divum: Ensuring Innovation Friendly Development through Blockchain Technology

Vaideeswaran Sethuraman,    Founder & CEO

Vaideeswaran Sethuraman
Founder & CEO

Blockchain technology has a huge potential for transforming business and users’ day to day life. It has the power to revolutionize human world with its core promise of transparency, immutability, and decentralization. Working as an expert in new product development(NPD), Bengaluru based Divum is powering some of the biggest brands, OEMs & startups on pioneering product initiatives. Professionally Certified by Amazon and Google, Divum provides new product design and development services through design, cloud, mobile, blockchain, ML/AI and IoT.

“There are two main streams of blockchain related development, one focusing on the core protocol research and improvements, while the other building solutions over these protocols for mainstream adoption. Divum recognizes that the blockchain technology is evolving rapidly and it could be challenging to keep-up with the advancements, therefore as a developer the company constantly monitors and contributes to open-source protocol projects. In this process, Divum has built a deep understanding of core building blocks such as cryptography,
p2p networking, virtual machines, various consensus algorithms and their associated token economics and security, which allows us to bring the best solution to the customers”, said Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, Founder & CEO, Divum

Divum also provides blockchain as services where enterprises get plug-in and play feature with ERP solution

Divum builds solutions on both public blockchain such as Ethereum, EOS and NEO; and private blockchain such as Hyperledger and Quorum. The core forte of Divum is to design user centric products across OS, platforms & digital properties. Further, with its team of cloud experts, Divum has architected & developed cloud solutions on AWS, GCP & Azure tech stack. The company is also engaged in cut across iOS, Android & KaiOS. The team has built benchmark products in E-commerce, Logistics, Marketplace, FinTech, Travel, Media, Food Tech, Social & Sports space. Besides this, with its architects from embedded systems background, Divum has end-to-end capabilities in IoT solution development using channels like WiFi, WiFi Direct, LoRA, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, ZigBee and NFC. Bringing its wealth of experience right from product ideation to launch, Divum builds stable & scalable products within aggressive timelines adopting an agile based iterative development with focused incremental releases. Along with this, Divum conducts blockchain security audits for exchanges and enterprise implementations across datacenter and cloud based solution.

Community Initiative for Customer Satisfaction
Through strong design and technology expertise, Divum derisks NPD (New Product Development) allowing friendly development process, bringing in right set of industry partners and in-house product development experiences. Divum manages to integrate process that acknowledges trade offs between key measures of success such as customer satisfaction, time-to-market and development cost efficiency. Divum also organizes New Product Developers Meet which is all about sharing & learning best practices for building products grounds up for startups & enterprises in the current world scenarios. The company aims to bring various industry experts from Google, Amazon, Truecaller, disruptive startups & enterprises and exchange notes on technology, user-experience & go-to-market.

With such expertise in products and services, Divum has worked closely with top exchange companies and has done some successful implementation over Philippians and South East Asia market. Divum also provides blockchain as services where enterprises get plug-in and play feature with ERP solution. It is a customized platform which will have a very secure solution to use on public infrastructure enabling people to easily adopt blockchain solution. Divum believes that the only way to achieve ownership is to have end-to-end product and the company carries enormous passion in delivering great products.