IgnisTec: Venturing into New Possibilities for Online Reputation System

Harpreet Sachdeva ,  CEO & Founder

Harpreet Sachdeva, CEO & Founder

21st century is witnessing accelerated globalization and digital nomadism, and therefore personal reputation has certainly lost its social sway. If one thinks about it, there is no single universal reputation score that is tethered to our online identity. Instead, we have multiple identities with different reputations on a plethora of platforms and in all kinds of online communities that have absolutely no communication or exchange of data. If we manage to compromise our reputation on one platform or in one community, we’ll be unharmed elsewhere. And if need be, there’s nothing stopping us from simply erasing our profile and creating a new one with a fresh email address or phone number, thus effectively resetting our negative reputation score to neutral in a matter of minutes. Spending some extra time and effort is a fair price to pay considering what is at stake- reinventing yourself.

Such leniency in reputation-building can be a mixed blessing. Though, it allows people to enjoy their online freedom and get digitally ‘reborn’. ‘To err is human’ as they say and we should be able to evolve and to change on the internet, as well as in life. The flipside of the coin suggests, that such an uncontrolled environment means that any reputation system can be rendered useless by bots and fake accounts. Social media feeds are the main source of information for most of us and it is quite scary to grasp that not a single account is exempt from hacking or manipulating, and thus no one is trustworthy. All trust in those systems is irreparably damaged. This leads to companies losing the very incentive to provide high-quality products or services in order to cultivate legitimate reputation scores. This needs no special introduction, but when it comes to matters of trust on the internet, it’s usually an opportunity for blockchain to take the center stage. Blockchains could indeed offer specific advantages over traditional reputation tracking systems that are hosted in a private database. Based out of Delhi, IgnisTec is a technology company with a specialization in the field of designing advanced peer-to-peer systems backed by block-chain technology. Smart algorithms that have made ground breaking innovations contribute towards the key strengths of
IgnisTec’s systems, transforming into a rich and seamless user UI/UX. The team consists of like-minded enthusiastic technocrats. This skilled workforce aims at developing strong structured AI-powered systems that are adaptive, efficient and secure to offer simple solution to complex requirements. With a User Centric approach combined with strong research & development, IgnisTec strives to contribute into the technological revolution that is going to transform the way Banking, Healthcare, Education and other industries will operate in the future.

"Ignistec through their 3 products, Drink mates, Social3 And Chatbots, has carefully served the parameters pf Speed, Security, And Scalability"

Products Destined To Stir The Blockchain Application Market
IgnisTec through their 3 products, Drinkmates, Social3 and Chatbots, has carefully served the parameters of speed,security, and scalability. The salient features of their platform’s design are the utilization of distributed networks to generate amplified network processing power. By enhancing processing power with low latency, IgnisTec successfully produces faster real-time experience, thereby achieving speed. For security, IgnisTec deploys layered protocols that digitally safeguard both privacy & data by creating a protected Ecosystem. Authenticity is monitored by encryption keys to provide an extra layer of security against potential threats. IgnisTec leverages the fundamentals of Merkle Tree, large number of ‘data chunks’ are securely combined to continuously extend branches, making their models highly scalable. More so, carefully designed machine learning ability on large data makes experience profound and hassle free. IgnisTec uses AI coded Intelligent Algorithms that rely on self-learning to boost performance. Coded AI Agents are systematically utilized on their system, to process large data and predict results more efficiently.

IgnisTec Team

First Educating The Society
IgnisTec has built three revolutionary products- Drinkmates, Social3 and an AI powered chatbot. Drinkmates is a real-world social networking platform, where community trust is built on smart contracts, security of exchanges & PROFIL-0-METER i.e. a data reputation system. IgnisTec’s added AI assistant personalized for each user,makes future of connectivity fluid. IgnisTec’s Social3 is an online journal to
follow all latest news fast-forwarding the economy to future. Educating the general Indian public on the fundamentals of blockchain & crypto-future is extremely necessary to foster innovation and together take steps towards digitalization. The foundational aim for Drinkmates was to create a unified virtual identity for the user. And on this identity the IgnisTec team has created algorithms which handle data reputation. It is high time that people know the value and reputation of each data that they provide into the network. IgnisTec,as an organization reaching out to introduce something revolutionary in the market, did a small validation survey on 15th August, requesting citizens to take a survey on whether they want to support social identity towards data security. Realizing that a majority of the society are in fact unaware or indifferent towards the importance of data security or social identity, IgnisTec came up with the idea to incept, which provides news and facts related to data and blockchain only. “We are creating a holistic social networking along with its own market place, where there are users and service providers on either sides”, says Harpreet Sachdeva, CEO & Founder at IgnisTec. By adding the reputation system in this market place, IgnisTec hopes to achieve the test level. With this test level achieved in this holistic network, users can define their virtual identity with all transaction classified under reputation. Thus, the user will know his value in the network.

"Ignistec uses AI coded Intelligent Algorithms that rely on self-learning to boost performance"

Most blockchain solutions are not designed keeping in my mind the user friendliness. This is also a reason as to why users hesitate to leverage blockchain in their work processes. Harpreet feels the same and therefore informs that IgnisTec has worked on to build their products allowing users to use it on a daily basis feeling secured. “It’s high time that users realize that it’s because of their data that the network runs”, says Harpreet. Drinkmates allows users to receive incentives by network with direct vendor to user transaction.

Promising Future
In the near future, there is a lot that this young startup is looking forward to in terms of innovation. Blockchain has an ocean of possibilities and IgnisTec has just set sail with a promise to bring in new products and innovations every year. With their R&D and innovation team meeting every 15 weeks to discuss the possibilities (as informed by the CEO), the blockchain market can be rest assured to encounter few of the most unforeseen and useful products in the future by IgnisTec.