• IgnisTec: Venturing into New Possibilities for Online Reputation System
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    IgnisTec: Venturing into New Possibilities for Online Reputation System

    21st century is witnessing accelerated globalization and digital nomadism, and therefore personal reputation has certainly lost its social sway. If one thinks about it, there is no single universal reputation score that is tethered to our online identity. Instead, we have multiple identities with different reputations on a plethora of platforms and in all kinds of online communities that have absolutely no communication or exchange of data. If we manage to compromise our reputation on one platform or in one community, we’ll be unharmed elsewhere. And if need be, there’s nothing stopping us from simply erasing our profile and creating a new one with a fresh email address or phone number, thus effectively resetting our negative reputation score to neutral in a matter of minutes....


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