Dataken: Covering All Aspects of Data Analysis through Unified AI Platform

Suresh Gokarakonda,Co-Founder & CEO

Suresh Gokarakonda

Co-Founder & CEO

There is insight behind every data and data behind every insight. In the quest to apprehend the insights of the burgeoning Bigdata in the worldwide business, the conventional segmented algorithmic approach isolates data analytics under different umbrellas; there by making data analysis spread in bits and pieces where the customer/client procure services separately and stitch them together to derive use cases and data processing. Covering all the aesthetics of data science through a Unified AI platform on Cloud, Bangalore-based Dataken emerges as a one-stop-shop for Data ingestion, Processing, Analysis, Deep Learning and Automation & Workflow.

Specializing in delivering proficient industrial and cognitive solutions using AI and Automation, Dataken(est.2014) consolidates predictive network management, predictive cluster analysis, micro customer segmentation, data monetization and digital marketing for its clientele in Communication & Media, and Life Sciences. In communication industry, it executes data analytics over network, customer and operational aspects of the business.“We predict and
provide insights on QoS and
remediation, analyse customer sentiments and take proactive steps on unsatisfied customers,we analyse the inefficiencies in the process and steps to automate,” asserts Suresh Gokarakonda,Co-Founder & CEO, Dataken.

Operational analytics in life science industry, Dataken looks into the different aspect of the business insights which are used by their CXO office to fine tune their sales and Marketing processes, Financial predictions and supply chain efficiencies to reduce the overall costs.

Dataken delivers out of the box in-built industry solutions with domain specific data models, templates and researched algorithms, which catalyze the ROI for clients in terms of time-to-market

Building upon Data Analysing Prowess
Dataken delivers out of the box in-built industry solutions with domain specific data models,templates and researched algorithms,which catalyze the ROI for clients in terms of time-to-market. Datakens Industry Solutions led AI platform has all the necessary components for customers to the see business value within 6-8 weeks unlike other platforms who take 12-18 months from configuring the core platform functionality to building industry uses cases on top. Furthermore,it offers innovation lab for its customers which is a free environment to design, build and test so that the idea stage aspect is tested out in
partnership with customers.The team implements its explicit domain consultancy and data science prowess while working closely with its clients in identifying their data,operating on the data and figuring out the data & integration models and proposing solutions on the business case alongside sharing the risk along with them.

Quality & Security alongside the path of Innovation
Dataken designs it platform with latest & cutting edge technology to meet the future demand while delivering value to current challenges. The platform is designed to adapts to the changes in technology and stays ahead in the market. Dataken follows a vigorous process supervised by a dedicated team testing agile and DevOps model for its internal purpose where it has multiple quality audits and client verification before it produces the particular version. Moreover, contemplating the encryption level and host platform, it deploys different levels of comprehensive security configuration for its product and storage.

Envisioning launching a platform for IoT,NFV,5G and Location Based Services makes data analytics an interest area. Features such as delivering business insights on figure tips, friendly dynamic dashboard on Mobile App, Advanced search engine on datalake, micro services to integrate the platform with cross channel and advance research AI based chat bots for support makes Dataken a customer centric platform. Having an enthusiastic team which is frequently updated with the tech trends, Dataken has accomplished 80 percent revenue growth YoY nationwide and foresights on strengthening its footprints in U.S. and UK.