Clustr: Elevating MSMEs through Relevant Real Time Market Insights & Affordable Analytics

Sushant Goel,Co-Founders

Sushant Goel


To borrow a lesson from Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest or most intelligent that survives - it's the ones that are most adaptable to change. Evidently, the same notion runs down in the DNA of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises as well. In order to recast its systematic behaviour as per the changing prospective and already prevailing challenges in the market, the MSMEs worldwide need to attune its functionalities in synchronous with their burgeoning business related data (such as targeted customer data, individual product sales, inventory management and many more). However, in addition to the lack of technical know how, analysis of such volumes of business data is not low on budget. Envisioning bringing the power of information and analytics to the MSME fabric, Bangalore-based Clustr (incubated in Tally Solutions) is a big league player in Analytics and Big Data exclusively targeting millions of startup enterprises within the first few years of their live operations.

Progress through Partnership on Market Insights
While most Big Data and Analytics companies target larger enterprises solely on profit making terms, Clustr (est. 2013) strips the concept of Big Data of all its mystery and glamour and brings the power of information to the hands of the millions of MSMEs that make up the backbone of the economy. Further, where most Analytics companies targeting the MSME space fail in large scale due to their inability to access the market whereabouts, Clustr’s partnership with Tally puts it in a superlative position to deliver its services to millions. Leveraging Tally’s 30 years of expertise in the software space for SMEs,Clustr intends to integrate its services with the Tally Solutions through APIs, thereby allowing the team to deliver powerful and relevant insights in making the existing product even more impactful in the market.

Usually the SMEs are comfortable with the way they
have been running their businesses. However, Clustr has taken a step back to contemplate on the impact of relevant business information enabling them to make faster and more data driven decisions, while bringing efficiency in information collection and consumption.

Clustr has taken a step back to contemplate on the impact of relevant business information enabling them to make faster and more data driven decisions, while bringing efficiency in information collection and consumption

Enabling Data-Driven Decisions
It often takes a lot of trial and error by small scale retailers to figure out what he/she should stock and how much. Without this knowledge, the retailer often ties up a lot of cash in stock which doesn’t move very well. What if these business owners had visibility into what products are moving in the market and what products are likely to move well in the market? Catering the need of the hour, Clustr ideates to bring this information to retailers’ fingertips enabling them to make data-driven stocking decisions that lead to more optimized use of shelf space, smarter stocking decisions and controlled cash flow.

While most Analytics firm analyse only a company’s own data to generate insights by analyzing the past sales of a company in order to predict its future sales trends, Clustr provides market insights that enables companies to benchmark themselves against their industrial peers in getting accurate demographic information and procuring information about real time trends that impact them. “Whether it's a local grocery store or the small ball bearings manufacturer in town, we’re not trying to solve a small/large problem, instead we’re trying to fundamentally change the way a business functions by brining the power of information to them who are the backbone of India's economy," asserts Nupur Goenka,Co-Founder, Clustr.

Workforce & Security Design
With a workforce of over 35 talented & handpicked employees across Product Management, Data Operations,Engineering, and Data Science, team Clustr
fosters a lot of cross functional knowledge sharing and self-investment in learning/capability building with a combined foresight to solve several problems that has never been solved before. Designing an archetype to transform each architecture component independently without disruption, Clustr stimulates its ability to adapt to changes in business requirements, data flows, data models and allied algorithms. Moreover, Clustr runs on a state-of-the-art big data technology platform that combines open source components (HDFS, MongoDB, Kafka, Elastic search, Spark, and Tomcat) with proprietary elements typically for performance and security reasons. It incorporates a combination of Java, Scala, Python, and JavaScript while leveraging virtualization & containerization to deploy a multi cloud, multisite landscape that is scalable, fault tolerant, resilient, and secure with lowest possible TCO.

Nupur Goenka,Co-Founder

On the Go
Currently, fixated on launching its first set of services in association with Tally, Clustr intends to make an impact across Tally's enormous and growing customer base (over 1.3 million enterprises). As it foresight to make significant progress over time on this integration and partnership, Clustr definitely has an exciting path ahead both in terms of analytics roadmap as well as revenue projections.

Key Management:
Nupur Goenka, Co-Founder
At the helm of Clustr’s business direction and expansion, Nupur devises strategy and manages operations while defining the value proposition of the company.

Sushant Goel,Co-Founder
As a part of Clustr's core leadership team, Sushant is responsible for charting out the strategy of the company, enabling key partnerships and exploring new opportunities leveraging his deep industry expertise.

Head Office: Bangalore