Clairvoyant: Introducing the 'Efficiency' Phase of Big Data Culture

Chandra Ambadipudi, CEOData has often been heralded as the new 'oil' - a commodity more precious than any natural resource in today's digital economy. Ever growing data breaches being the arch-enemy of this new big data culture, organizations across the world live with a sword over their head. The recent breach at the American big box department store chain - KMart, where hackers used the stolen data to create counterfeit credit cards, alarms the same warning. With the continued risk of breaches and new regulations like GDPR coming down the pike, it’s an undeniable truth that many companies often have no idea what sensitive data exists in their ecosystem, in virtue of bulk data coming from multifarious sources and platforms in real time.

Manual audit however is out of the picture. Whereas, navigating the sea of big data tools is itself a challenge, while on the other hand there is a dire need to implement future proofed solutions, as a new big data infrastructure deployment in another couple of years is the last thing an enterprise wants. Putting it in a nutshell, to focus on their core business, it's imperative for organizations to on-board a trustable, experienced & highly scalable data-science partner, who can help them manage and monetize the 'bulk data' on a highly secured environment.

The'Clairvoyant'of Big Data
While many organizations that have invested in big data projects remain stuck in the pilot stage, being able to surge into the 'efficiency' phase of big data culture has been the game changer for Clairvoyant LLC - a turnkey big data solutions provider, to pace at more than 50 percent CAGR for the past five years, and become one of the fastest growing big data companies in the world. Came into existence in 2012 as a brain-baby of a handful of highly experienced technologists passionate about designing & building scalable platforms, Clairvoyant today exists as a much broader global ecosystem comprising of 200+ big data experts (from US, Latin America and Asia),and in turn extracts maximum value from data for its customers by combining the right expertise with the right technology in the form of state-of-the-art products like Kogni -the first-of-its-kind purpose-built data lake solution.

It’s not only that the company adopts a unique and holistic approach towards data analytic solutions driven by a market proven methodology of providing Enterprise Data Management Services, Predictive Analytics Solutions, and Data Driven Insights, but also it allows its clients to work with a single vendor across multiple locations in the US, Asia and Latin America, having the ability to scale in a short time. Indeed,Clairvoyant today works with several Fortune 500 customers on big data consulting & development projects, and has brought several estimable awards home.

Taking the Bull by its Horns
Traditional big data storage and analysis systems have buckled under the weight of large volumes of unstructured data, which probes companies, especially Financial service and Healthcare institutions, into more agile, cost-efficient & open source solutions like Apache Hadoop(or any other big data solution). Acknowledging Hadoop’s potential,the hard truth is that Hadoop implementation & management (especially on-premise)is difficult and can culminate in more problems than it solves, not to mention the required level of expertise & knowledge per
industry and use case-a proposition that directly confront with many companies’ internal resources. “This is where we pitch in with our deep-rooted experience not only in turnkey product development, enterprise product launch and making it a success, but also in providing strategic and architectural consulting on big data platforms and implementations,” asserts Chandra Ambadipudi, CEO, Clairvoyant.

The company has successfully pioneered & engineered a predictive analytics product for higher education domain from inception to an acquisition candidate

In fact,the implementation challenges are just the tip of an iceberg. The challenges intensify while meeting the pragmatic phase of big data management, revolving around ensuring performance, reliability, accessibility, and scalability of data. Many enterprises perceive cloud-based Hadoop as a solution to this predicament; but with big data and cloud implementations, there is a looming elephant in the room - data security. Just like with oil drilling, specific geology is the key to success. Having partnered with Amazon Web Services, Azure, Cloudera, HortonWorks, Zoomdata, Trifacta, and StreamSets, Clairvoyant provides a one word answer to these challenges through Kogni, which is focused on data security and governance, and helps enterprises accelerate their implementations, maintain governance and keep their data trusted, secure and ready for analytics.

Kogni-a Symbol of Excellence
Kogni helps organizations to move beyond breach prevention and perimeter security. Relying on machine learning, it uses purpose built classifiers to recognize sensitive data like credit card numbers, SSNs, emails, phone numbers, and more. According to Shekhar Vemuri, CTO, Clairvoyant, “This isn’t just a one-time scan. Recognizing sensitive data has to be an ongoing process”. The software also incorporates rock solid mechanisms to secure the data, ranging from employing pre built workflows to Masking, Redaction, Encryption, & Tokenization, ensuring in-place data protection, and transparently securing sensitive data as it is ingested into data lake (Hadoop, s3) with zero code changing, alongside an open framework for customers who want to implement custom security solutions. In addition to 24x7 monitoring, Kogni can also issue various alerts in case of policy violations.

Kogni is merely an example of Clairvoyant’s excellence. The company has successfully pioneered & engineered a predictive analytics product for higher education domain from inception to an acquisition candidate, besides a leading Predictive Analytics product - data brew, which helps expedite data modeling process and model training, and a Financial data Entity Resolution & Rating Product. Powered by such a wide variety of product portfolio, Clairvoyant offers holistic services ranging from Data Science, Comprehensive Big Data Consulting, Application Development, and Managed Services, to Prism product design (from ideation to execution), which ideally balance cost effectiveness, innovative functionality, and needed capacity.

While entitling customers with enormous benefits ranging from significant increase in operational efficiency to processing billions of transactions per day, massive reduction in data loss, structured representation of required logs and multifold return on investment, the company’s charging models are predominantly centered on Managed services, Turnkey projects and Resource augmentation.
A Future beyond the Boundaries
"We have experienced an exponential growth since our inception and that continues to be the case in the recent paths. We plan to expand our footprint to EMEA and APAC regions as a part of our growth plan in 2018," adjoins Chandra,who is extremely prudent when comes to keeping Clairvoyant's 270 people strong workforce abreast of the trends through strategic and periodic training. Clairvoyantians indeed are also indulged in a productive and enjoyable work environment dipped in a Silicon Valley work culture.

Analogous to yesteryears, Clairvoyant’s future blueprints goes beyond mere organizational engagements. The company is organizing the second annual ‘Pune Data Conference’ on March 31st, 2018 at The Westin, Koregaon Park - highly inspired by the last year’s overwhelming response with 350+ attendees. “We also had many leading companies such as Parkar, Fuzzy Logix, Ellicium and others as sponsors for the event, making it one of the largest big data events in Pune. This year’s conference however will cover a wide horizon of topics ranging from Data Engineering & Data Science to Block Chain Technology,” concludes Chandra. Lucidly, India’s future in big data seems pretty safe in the hands of highly committed companies like Clairvoyant.

Key Management:
Chandra Ambadipudi,CEO
A highly motivated senior leader in software engineering with a proven track record, Chandra co-founded the company in 2012 and has driven the company to become a leading big data player with multiple Fortune 500 customers.

A passionate technologist, Shekhar has the impeccable ability to get into minute details helping to solve and implement solutions.

Pankaj Gaddam, COO
With over 15 years’ experience in technology with leading companies across US, Pankaj has significant expertise in solving critical business issues leveraging multiple technology platforms.

Avinash Ramineni, Principal
Avinash is a passionate technologist with a drive to understand the bigger picture and convert that into pragmatic, implementable solutions.

VikramBhalchandra,Sales&Marketing Head
With more than two decades of experience, Vikram is focused on building the Clairvoyant brand and growing the company's global footprint across enterprise and big data customers.

Offices:Chandler(Headquarter), Dallas,Seattle, Washington DC, Boston, & Pune

• Big data analytics
• Managed services
• Enterprise development
• Prism & Mobile apps

Awards & Recognition:
• Arizona Technology council-Start-up of the Year 2014
• CIO Review 50 Most Promising IT Services Companies 2015
• CIO Review 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2015
• Inc. 5000 list - Rank No.923,
• Great Learning Data Science Awards 2017- Best Big Data Implementation of the Year at Cypher 2017

Client Speaks:
“Clairvoyant is arming us with the tools to help us deliver the best return on our client's advertising investments, with speed and at scale. We can find meaningful data insights and create predictive modeling to determine what ads to show where and how we should bid”.
~ Boingo - one of the leading Wi-Fi companies in the world