AppLift: The Next Generation Platform of Mobile Ads

Rishi Agarwal,Managing Director - India & Global Platform Services

Rishi Agarwal

Managing Director - India & Global Platform Services

The digital ad ecosystem has evolved, but not with out the threats such as ad fraud and ad blocking. App advertisers, while looking at getting the best installs for their app, also have to look at growing the app and retaining the best users. App Lift knows app marketing life cycle is a complex one for modern advertisers and as a leading demand focused ad tech company, they are evolving products that provide solutions to these pain points. The company’s new unified platform Data Lift 360 is the first of its kind platform that provides solutions to app advertisers at each stage of the app life cycle. The unified platform enables mobile advertisers access to all major mobile ad inventories world wide, and serves as a one stop shop for them to address all their app advertising needs, from launching an app to growing its user base and retaining its most valuable users, and thus provides them with a total control over their campaigns through a single proprietary technology interface.

Presenting Data Lift 360

Headquartered in Berlin, AppLift started out in 2012 as a game
focused CPI network to deliver app installs to game advertisers. With their constant endeavors to clients needs, AppLift focuses their innovations on the demands of this fast growing industry that provides solutions to those needs.An extension of this vision, DataLift 360 was launched in 2016 as a top of the line offering.“We optimize every penny of your ad spend, and we think further about engaging the users beyond the install to design your success,” asserts Rishi Agarwal, Managing Director, AppLift India and Global Platform Services. AppLift works only with reputable publishers and attribution & supply partners to ensure the clear cut tracking of campaigns and highest quality of traffic delivery to the advertisers. In addition, the experience and know how it gained by working with biggest advertisers across the world have been instrumental in comprehending the best practices for maximizing the ROI of clients.

The unified platform enables mobile advertisers access to all major mobile ad inventories worldwide, and serves as a one-stop shop for them to address all their app advertising needs

Today, taking its technological capabilities to the next level, Data Lift 360 has been a lucid illustration of company time and again staying ahead of the game. And what makes Data Lift 360 so unique is that it's the premier unified platform in the market
which allows marketers to access, monitor, optimize and control all advertising channels and formats available in the market.For the first time, marketers launching their app can programmatically tap into rewarded channels, while those wishing to grow their user base can leverage DataLift 360’s audience management tool, helping to acquire targeted users across any inventory. Marketers looking to retain or re engage long standing users can also seamlessly leverage the first party data to retarget them across programmatic exchanges, and social & audience-enabled networks.

“Commitment to fraud prevention and life time value (LTV)optimization is the focal point of our innovations,” elucidates Rishi. Data Lift 360’s underlying technology stack including its proprietary bidding algorithms, highly scalable infrastructure, high data processing capacities, proprietary LTV optimization engine, and fraud prevention system, is designed to directly benefit mobile marketers in ensuring the end to end success of their app businesses.

En Route to the Future

With a global footprint spread across nine countries, AppLift is able to cater the needs of 500+ leading global advertisers. The company today continues to invest in R&D, along with building out operations in a couple of more markets. As AppLift continues to add more exciting functionality to the Data Lift 360 platform, retargeting will be an increasingly important segment for clients on top of user acquisition.