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Ajay S Goyal,Managing Director

Ajay S Goyal

Managing Director

Online marketing has become a ‘new-norm’. Businesses that fail to keep abreast with the marketing speed are intrinsically kicking the bucket themselves. But probably the biggest concern is making sure that your advertising dollars bring back the return you entail, and one has to be strategic to get perfect return on investment. So it is imperative to on-board a ROI ensuring partner such as Alpha InfoLab, which proposes a business model where advertisers get return prior to the investment, and in fact, it becomes an expense – not investment. One may call it one time investment, amount of which has been claimed as expenses at first instance of sale. The investor keeps on getting ROI for a longer period.

One of the largest affiliate networks ‘Click Cabin’ which is a section of Alpha InfoLab operating in more than 65 countries across the globe. The company works for advertisers to get leads for their products. They need to pay only for the leads that ultimately convert into an actual sale, thus making it a win–win situation for all the parties concerned. Wondering how an Ad Services Conglomerate is having such patience and loss-bearing capacity? Alpha InfoLab (ISO 9001 certified) was born in 2008 as a brainchild of GBS Group of Companies, which is engaged in the businesses of distribution of polymers & chemicals, manufacturing of apparels, e-Commerce, and provision of high-end IT solutions. In turn, this inheritance accounts for the ample monetary supply. “The philosophy of GBS Group is ‘Truth and Satisfaction’ and fortunately these two words are the meaning of the name of my father and mother (Satyanarayan and Santosh). As we get enough parental care from the well settled GBS empire, we have targeted EOI after five years,” affirms Ajay S Goyal, Managing Director, Alpha InfoLab.

Standing tall on its brawny financial backend, the company collects offers from advertisers of various verticals on the basis of CPC, CPV, CPL, CPA, CPS, CPI and CPM models through the Click Cabin platform. These offers are then promoted by its internal team, a pool of leading publishing companies and individual publishers spread across the globe. Depending on the nature, the offers are promulgate through desktop or mobile phone via all the probable channels of digital media, including affiliate marketing, bulk emailing, display advertising, SEO, SMO, PPC and media buying.

Bestowing Whatever It Takes

Based at Indore, Alpha InfoLab’s itinerary to success was a hard task. To stay ahead of the game, the company had to adapt some of the arduous standards to frame its working policy. The company religiously follows policies like keeping minimum difference between the revenue it receives from the advertiser and the revenue it disburse to the publisher. It also mandatorily pays the publisher strictly as per the mutually agreed terms of payment irrespective of the receipt from advertiser. “Sometime, we need to pay to our publisher irrespective of ‘less, late or nil’ confirmation of lead by our advertiser. But it helps to bag the long term businesses businesses and maintain healthy
relations,”adds Ajay Goyal. Years of know how in possession, this innovative organization also suggests and helps advertisers in creating effective campaigns and banners.

Alpha InfoLab manifests an effective and unique approach to muster leads; quite expensive though, it covers maximum targeted area through events and exhibitions held in various parts of the world

The company over the years has emerged as a one-stop-solution provider which takes every handle of digital marketing with utmost significance and works like separate entities. Alpha InfoLab has a versatile set of demand generation solutions in place, ranging from Click Cabin to Alpha Sandesh (country’s best bulk emailing solution), Money N Market (publisher working on bulk emailing) – a highly customized strategic marketing solution, and Coupon N Deal (publisher working on display advertising) – the most advanced listing of discounted coupon codes from Indian retailers, among many other exciting services. The top-notch SEO/SMO team that works over optimization and social media promotion has been another matchless asset of Alpha InfoLab, in addition to its in-house software development department – Brahma, which is into the development of affiliate marketing software, web and graphic designing and software testing.

Currently, the software solution ‘Silk route’ developed by Brahma, is among the best affiliate tracking programs in the world. This is concluded after bench marking with every major affiliate tracking program available in the market. “We, as well as a lot of companies spread across the globe, are using it to get perfect, real and actual results. Silk Route also monitors the progress of advertising campaigns run by us and our clients,” adds Ajay. Further more, Alpha InfoLab's e-Commerce website has been excellent in providing and participating in online marketplaces, which process business-to-consumer sales. "We integrate all of the latest up sell techniques to acquire good business sales," says Ajay.

The strong back-lift of in-house services and solutions, aids to generate, confirm and segregate (on the basis of vertical and geo-location) millions of active and targeted contacts on a daily basis. It helps to reduce costs, fix bugs quicker and easier and modify software to satisfy the instantaneous needs. “With an end-goal of converting leads into sales, we are committed in taking a step further. While getting fake leads disturbs the ROI and swells the efforts, it is the experience we gained over the years that sets us apart from our competitors. We are able to provide lead conversion on minimum working,” he adds.

A Door to Cosmopolitan Network

Alpha InfoLab manifests an effective and unique approach to muster leads; quite expensive though, it covers maximum targeted area through events and exhibitions held in various parts of the world. Till now, the company has made its presence in a gamut of international conferences such as ‘Affiliate Summit West 2015’held in Las Vegas, ‘Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2015 & 2016’ held in Amsterdam,Berlin Affiliate Conference 2016’in Berlin, and ‘London Affiliate Conference 2017’
in London, besides some of the Indian exhibitions held in Bangalore and New Delhi.“We are the only Indian company that makes such significant scale of participation in these kinds of prodigious conferences.Attending national and international events and conferences since 2012 as exhibitors, we have made immense international exposure from these platforms,” proclaims Ajay.

Apart from the complexity engendered by multifarious land laws and strict regulations of business overseas, trust is a predominate facet for doing business with foreign companies. However, the persistent and significant partakes in the international arena have helped Alpha InfoLab big time in overcoming these hurdles. He asserts, “The campaigns run by Central Government like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ are helping us a lot in establishing our goodwill internationally. After the insurgence of Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, foreigners have started paying a heed over words narrated by us”.

Being the Best

Static idea is a plain joke in marketing. To catch eyeballs, it is a day-to-day requirement of the advertisers or publishers to execute mint innovations. What Alpha InfoLab puts on the table is an amalgamation of young as well as experienced professionals who blend new innovations and knowledge base in ideal proportion to deal with hurdles effortlessly. Chanting the mantra - ‘revamping ceaselessly is the only drive’, Alpha InfoLab tirelessly strives to maintain the pre-eminence of its 110+ people, strong humble workforce to work as an innovative hub in between them. Besides the training modules abreast of latest technologies, the employees are exposed to an open door policy, five-day work week, and half-day long reviews on Saturdays. Within next five years, the company anticipates to upscale its headcount to over one thousand.

Every Step Forward is a Win

Taking advantage of its caliber to geo target, Alpha InfoLab is now shifting gears to the hot trend of mobile advertising – in-app ads. Being successful in mobile advertising has given the company license to experiment with different ad formats. Confidently promulgating the ideas to become a multi-billion dollar company within the next five to ten years, Ajay says, “With the increase in number of data centers, ultra fast internet connections and opening offices in multiple international cities, we have already drawn our road map to ride through”. However, the next big thing with Alpha InfoLab is online gaming. Soon, the company will be coming up with an online gaming company, operating globally (except India), where players would be able to choose from multiple games offered by various gaming companies.

Key Management:

Ajay S Goyal, Managing Director

Designated as the CEO of GBS Group of Companies along with heading many other ventures of the GBS family, Ajay has been a boon to the whole Group with his loyal and long serving career.


• Services: Alpha Sandesh, Alpha V box, Click Cabin, Money N Market, Coupon N Deal and E-Alpha.

• Products: Silk Route, Garuda, Alpha Jet, Magnet and Chitragupta

Offices: Indore (Headquarter), Mumbai, Raipur and Bhubaneswar