Ambit Software: Digital Transformation with CRM Solutions

Jenit Ramaiya,CEOA CRM platform can bring a new competitive edge to your organization. The efficiencies and process improvements that extend from marketing campaign planning, sales forecasting to personalized customer service can help drive revenue growth through improved customer interactions. This is further fueled by the digital revolution comprising of cloud based solutions, mobility apps, social media, analytics, AI and IoT which are increasing the organization's proximity with the customer. Digital technologies are moving CRM into the realm of Customer Experience Management (CXM) even in the B2B space let alone the B2C businesses.

Large companies are spending millions of dollars on their CRM/CXM initiatives, but are they yielding results? A recent survey showed that nearly 70 percent of CRM implementations fail and do not yield the expected results and ROI. Some of the main reasons cited for failed implementations are a lack of vision, poor planning, no executive buy-in, approaching CRM as a technology solution only lack of training, user adoption, support and a wrong vendor. Hence, if not well thought out or implemented using the wrong tools instead of providing the promised benefits these projects can end up wasting company time and resources. This is where Ambit Software steps in equipping businesses to succeed by focusing on the technologies people and processes required for long term growth.

Take for example one of the worlds largest commodity exchanges. As the client was undergoing a complete chaos in terms of broken interactions with stake holders regulatory hassles, customer on boarding teams tedious approval process and dis joined data processing across all departments, it engaged Ambit to streamline processes and integrate the myriad systems into a common CRM tool.

Amalgamating CRM modules for Membership, Business Development, IT Services, Regulatory Compliances, Customer Services and Campaign & Survey management, Ambit gave birth to the most advanced, comprehensive & customer centric solution available in the market today. And through creating a single source repository of customer information, the company not only met the client’s objectives but also enabled them to proffer world-class customer services with unmatched ticket management facility. Rendering Enterprise Solutions, Product Engineering and Technology Services under a single roof, Ambit caters to every requirement of an organization that embarks on its digital transformation journey.

CRM - Being Limitless

Ambit redefines CRM solutions through its vast expertise with various CRM products that deliver a 360 degree view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service and support teams, so organizations can collaborate effectively and respond promptly & knowledgeably to sales opportunities and customer inquiries – both in the office and in the field. These products are embedded with a gamut of features ranging from lead management to sales & opportunity management, service desk automation, field service automation, business intelligence, reporting & dashboards, sales forecasting, marketing campaign automation & management, work flow automation, email integration, file share/document management, ERP integration and Digital CRM. Being an established & innovation-driven technology company that has significantly invested in its research and development on futuristic technologies, unsurprisingly Ambit’s Digital CRM offerings encompass Mobile sales, Mobile service, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, Social
media integration, sentiment analysis, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Ambit’s team across the life cycle of CRM projects ensures that clients succeed in their digital transformation journeys

With the emergence of Mobile devices, many CRM products have extended rich CRM functionality to smart phones and tablets giving your mobile workforce a strong competitive advantage that helps drive productivity and increase revenue. Customizable, secure, and easy to use, these CRMs feature an attractive task oriented user interface designed to put the most relevant customer information at users’ fingertips and enable them to perform key actions quickly – online and offline. Interaction with native devices and features such as mapping, dialing & emailing further streamline the mobile user experience.

CRM technology, when placed at the heart of an organization, can have an immediate impact on the top and bottom line, which helps organizations to win profitable customers and better serve existing customers. “Over the years, we have helped our customers to be at the forefront of CRM technology, be it enabling mobile access to CRM, running e-marketing & social media campaigns, integrating sensor/IoT data, migrating to the cloud or analyzing big data,” proclaims Jenit Ramaiya, CEO, Ambit Software.

Leveraging Experience to Build Industry-Specific Solutions

Ambit Software has, since its inception in early 2001 (formerly known as Orion Solutions), grown from strength to strength in terms of its customer base, service solutions, partnerships with IT majors, infrastructure and manpower. Across the years, it has formed alliances with various organizations such as SugarCRM,, Microsoft (Gold Partner), Nuvi, & Sales fusion, and helped organizations to leverage the solutions coupled with digital accelerators built by the company. Augmenting this technology backbone is Ambit’s best-of-class industry experts who always begin assignments with a business-backward approach. These experts then work closely with in-house technology consultants who augment the team, ensuring successful implementations. “Our Customer Success team then helps clients get the maximum value from the deployed solutions and leverage the accelerators built by Ambit,” explains Kalpesh Sampat, Principal CRM Consultant, Ambit Software. The combined experience of Ambit’s team across the life cycle of CRM projects ensures that clients succeed in their digital transformation journeys.

There have been a number of anecdotes proving Ambit’s extensive know-how, one among them is in the heavy equipment sector where it rescued a $1.5 billion heavy equipment company which was struggling with its manual data analytics (which slowed down decision making process), and lack of a single window to track the health of equipments. The flaws were impacting heavily on their service division in terms of slow revenue growth. Ambit on-boarded this challenging project without a second thought. Client’s service division involved the company to help build a service opportunity system and harness the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) with already implemented CRM System. In progression, Ambit divided the project into four parts – Big Data, Engagement System, Intelligent Outputs, and Customer Success. Experienced professionals being successful in their respective tasks, Customer Success team built the mobile applications for the client that enabled them to service cases on the field and generate quotes instantly, thereby crunching cycle times and increasing the velocity of new service-business.

With a back-lift of ample experience, and pinpoint researches the company has built deep vertical solutions for industry
domains such as BFSI, Exchanges, Insurance, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Logistics and Retail, to name a few. “Clients in certain verticals like financial services are fanatical about data security, and most of the customers, be it SMEs or large corporations, want to leverage the flexibility and cost competitiveness of the cloud, but only through retaining full ownership of their data,” opines Rakhi Ramaiya, CTO, Ambit Software. Ambit enables this authority through its cloud offerings and allows clients to download their data anytime they wish to. While on the flip side, as the mobile centric CRM solutions are now transforming the industries like hospitality, the company equips its industry specific ‘Mobile Solutions’ with features including but not limited to interactive dashboard, highlighting key metrics, demand generation, 360 degree customer view, internal data analysis, personalized loyalty programs, and food & beverage tracking.

Simplified CRM Solutions – for Today & Tomorrow

Ambit has operations in North America, India, Europe and Middle East, and its customer ecosystem is comprised of technology startups, fast growing emerging companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Its digital solutions are backed by a strong delivery model and have been deployed at organizations including The World Bank, Tata Capital, Dubai National Insurance, Saint Gobain, Wells Fargo Bank, Blue Star, MCX, NCDEX, Caterpillar dealers. Besides catering to world-class clients with professionally driven services, the company takes pride in being one of the best employee friendly companies in the world. A breast of the alluring materialistic benefits entitled to the workforce, with its ethical and moral obligation to the society, Ambit bestows an opportunity for them to make positive impacts in the society. To that effect, the company has initiated a CSR program to focus on key issues that trouble common people.

With the inclusion of Social Media, IoT, Cloud and Mobile Apps, CRM industry is heading towards more customer centric approach than ever before. Giving the best customer experience will be the key for any company to savor success and CRM solutions will play major role in this tech-revolution. With abundant experience in Social, IoT, Cloud and Mobile technologies, Ambit today is a future-ready CRM company that finds happiness in facing the challenges. “With our ever learning pool of resources, we are well equipped to provide the most optimum CRM solutions to our clients - for today & tomorrow,” concludes Jenit.

Case Study

India's largest air conditioning (AC) & commercial refrigeration company, Blue Star was struggling with their previous CRM implementation, with hassles ranging from slow load times to limitation of the SBUs, and its incapability to manage B2C & channels business. Alongside a thick-client only user interface, lack of mobile access was also causing the struggle.

Ambit built a new CRM solution for the company with all legacy data migrated to new one. It created sales processes for different BUs in a phase-wise manner to manage both new and repeat business, provided sales representatives with mobile access to CRM data and started the integration with SAP ERP to provide a 360° view of the customer to the sales team.

The customized CRM system today combats Blue Stars’ previous technical challenges such as slow load times and unintuitive design, and it also manages the national/key accounts more effectively. The innovative CRM solution has not only provided Blue Star with an ability to use CRM data to share knowledge and build deeper & more collaborative sales efforts with strategic partners, but also been a foundation for future initiatives. No wonder Suresh Iyer, CIO, Blue Star, echoes these words, “The Ambit team went above and beyond to make sure that the implementation went smoothly, and it showed. They have been a terrific partner through out the implementation and continued enhancement of the system”.