Ambit Semiconductors: Designing New Possibilities in Semiconductor Technology Industry

J Saseendra ,  CEOLast year the global semiconductor market saw sales increase by 13.7 percent as 1 trillion units for a total of USD 468.8 billion in sales were shipped to customers, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association(SIA). Semiconductor technologies continue to make the world around us smarter and more connected. Work towards delivering better services to the clients, Ambit Semiconductors, headquartered in Bengaluru, provides semiconductor design and intellectual property design services to global clients and adopts Offshore Design Centre(ODC) approach in achieving so. Ambit offers its people the ideal platform to toil and grow in the semiconductor design profession. The company’s mission is to explore the new frontiers in semiconductor design and to be the partner of choice for their clients in the world.

“We are VLSI Design Service Company and we create an environment that allows employees freedom to generate new and innovative approaches. When the work environment is designed to focus on its people, it builds trust, leverages the talent within the organization, and can be used to develop performance measures and business success”, said J Ranjitha, Director, Ambit Semiconductors.

Innovative Driven Semiconductor Design Services
Working hand-in-glove with the clients in the semiconductor business is extremely important for the successful delivery of the projects. Ambit Semiconductors supports project execution in turnkey and as well as T&M models which ensures smooth
execution and flexibility to the customer. The company makes sure that their ODC comprises skilled and experienced teams of engineers who remotely manage clients’ tasks and assignments in semiconductor design. Ambit’s engineers are highly skilled in the physical design implementation of various IPs like DDR, SERDES, and USB, etc.

Ambit’s turnkey based VLSI design development projects have helped many of the clients in reducing their costs and complexities

“With world class expertise across the full range of quality and innovation activities, we provide end to end (RTL-GDS) services to our customers globally. Our innovative approach and client focused understanding means we can make a positive impact on our clients’ sustainability performance; whether that’s through services on chip design or the contribution we make towards improving semiconductor industry. It is my strong belief that Ambit will contribute to improving the market competitiveness of our customers products by dramatically enhancing their quality and the coming innovation of semiconductor technology. We ensure to meet all legal, labour and taxation compliances. All statutory/tax payments are done promptly and this made us easy to get Government projects”, adds J Saseendra, CEO, Ambit Semiconductors.

More so, increasing complexity in chip design and reduction in the costs & size of process design is driving businesses towards chip design. Ambit’s turnkey based VLSI design development projects have helped many of the clients in reducing their costs and complexities. The company leverages its expertise in delivering highquality results while solving business challenges that have helped clients to cement their position in the market. The company’s engagement model ensures that its highly experienced experts work closely with the clients’ right from understanding their requirements to delivering highquality products. Not only this, but Ambit also provides training services for ASIC physical designing to make one a competent and productive Physical Design Engineer. Additionally, in the near future, the company will expand its services to DFT, Embedded, and FPGA prototyping.

Ambit Semiconductors was established by Saseendra whose passion lies in the electronics field. He worked in IC fabrication, packaging and design houses. And, after 15 years of experience, he started Bangalore Semiconductor Services in 2016 and in 2017 he took a detour from there and laid the foundations to Ambit Semiconductors. Saseendra’s rare combination of skill set in IC design & fabrication and his vast experience helps the Ambit team to understand customer needs and guide the team accordingly. With such a leadership, the company has won an outstanding achievement award from National Economic Development and social responsible category from AIAF.