3D Tinker Hub: Processing Peerless 3D Prints Using Pioneering Technology

Hardik Dave,CEO“What if you could download and print a home in 24 hours for half the cost?” queries ICON, a start-up based in Austin, personifying a radical innovation in the housing construction space by concocting 3D-printed concrete houses. Intersecting techniques and acumen, ICON culminated a unique solution for hoisting the novel idea of providing an affordable housing around the world, all thanks to 3D printing technology. While this technology has etched a remarkable footprint in foreign countries,it is still in its nascent stage in India with a few companies taking up the onus of accelerating the expansion.

Set on such extraordinary pursuit is 3D Tinker Hub(the brainchild of Hardik Dave (CEO)),the first ever 3D printing company in Gujarat conceptualizing, customizing, and constructing creative 3D product prints, effortlessly and expeditiously. Drawing a clear demarcation, the company applies 3D printing for architecture, jewelry, education, and automobile sectors.

Personifying Dream Products
Marching towards innovations,3D Tinker Hub endows 3D printing in creative presentations for crafting
enthralling home decorative designs, sculpting stunning jewelry, enhanced learning systems, and modification in automotive parts. A prominent product of the company is its Photo Lightbox (lithophanes made using PLA- biodegradable plastic) producing a unique gift for all occasions as it lasts a lifetime and is best means to preserve memories. Its pack of prime products also includes lampshades, decorative vase, home planters, architecture demo models, modern furniture, toys, and logo using molds, all developed using fused deposit modeling (FDM). Most of such products are impossible to concoct without 3D printing since the 3D technology requires no molding to create artistic designs.

Proffering prints in PLA and ABS materials in diverse colors, the company thoroughly analyzes the 3D files and reverts to the clients detailing the possibility of the 3D prints plus the time frame and cost

Catering to architects, interior designers, hobbyists, students, and customized gift shops,3D Tinker Hub devises a simple and seamless MO wherein it collects 3D model files in .STL format developed using 3D modeling software like Blender 3D or Google Sketch-up, from its clients through its official mail.“In case,clients are not familiar with the 3D software, we take it upon ourselves to create 3D models as
per their requirements based on the model details, reference pictures, or concept designs they sent,” notifies Hardik. Proffering prints in PLA and ABS materials in diverse colors, the company thoroughly analyzes the 3D files and reverts to the clients detailing the possibility of the 3D prints plus the time frame and cost. It then confirms and executes the projects processing the perfect prints and delivering it at their doorsteps.

Shaping Extraordinary Niche
3D Tinker Hub boasts of a huge team with impeccable expertise in creating multifarious 3D printing models, hosting an online portal aimed at enhancing clients’ business and creativity using world’s best pioneering technologies. It assures that people are given complete liberty to contemplate and craft ideas that help them stand out in the market, thereby shaping an exceptional niche. However, the expertise that the company flaunts is a blessing of its hardships faced during the initial days wherein it had to sustain doubtfulness and uncertainties as most of the clients’ were reluctant in venturing the budding concept of 3D printing. It also had to provide the detailed procedure and practical demos to convince clients about the technology. However today, 3D Tinker Hub is headstrong in matching up with the industry growth parameters, and mostly emphasizes on unique product development from different materials. The company is poised to conduct seminars in schools and colleges in order to spread awareness about the mounting 3D printing technology.