19th Mile: Enhancing the Performance of Sale Representatives through Data-Driven Coaching and Contextually Relevant Content

Vijay Gogoi,Founder & CEO

Vijay Gogoi

Founder & CEO

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, sales reps are expected to hit the ground running and achieve quotas quarter after quarter while competing constantly with the best in the business. So, a coach who can give oversight & timely advice, track the function of sale reps, identify their weak spots and help develop efficiency and improvements on the job is the order of the day. While most CRM providers do not render sales coaching along with their solutions, 19th Mile brings forth an automated sales coaching system that provides personalized data-driven coaching to sales representatives(reps) in addition to standard lead management functionality. 19th Mile’s focus is to enable each sales team member to achieve his or her target predictably through data-driven coaching and contextually relevant content report.

Its coaching inputs are completely automated wherein every sale rep gets personalized inputs at regular intervals according to their own data, there by reducing the dependability on the manager and augmenting managerial span. This easy-to-use and well designed structure prepares
daily action lists (clients not contacted from long time, details of deals becoming risky and client relationship strength), gathers & calculates the insights and renders them to users, enabling them to take further actions. Besides,the built-in sales academy delivers contextually relevant content such as tips & product detail, information about different processes and organization-specific learning content at the time and point of need making dissemination of content much faster and resulting in higher completion rate of trainings. These contents are drawn from an expert knowledge base and can be enhanced, customized & configured.

Considering Sales reps as road warriors, 19th Mile has designed mobile first application allowing them to perform reporting, importing & exporting of data from any corner of the world

The Elixir
19th Mile’s off-the-shelf in-built sales analytic module accommodates 50+ prepaid sales metrics covering wide range of industries and sales functions /roles. This approach not only presents 360° visibility of sale operation and performance of every individual in real-time, but also shifts their focus from output(sale numbers) to input metric(analytics), which facilitates proactive interventions and resolving issues. 19th Mile is a one-stop solution offering melange of
analytics, coaching and content across the globe. "Our unique approach with 75-85 percent engagement rate has reduced clients' sales cycles and increased conversion rates & the number of activities performed by sales reps and raised their target achievement rate by 50 percent," proclaims Vijay Gogoi, Founder & CEO, 19th Mile.

Considering Sales reps as road warriors, 19th Mile has designed mobile first application allowing them to perform reporting, importing & exporting of data from any corner of the world. The native app works offline on a local database, syncing every few seconds in the background, ensuring a fast app response and an enhanced user experience even in low network areas. 19th Mile emphases on data security and provides enterprise level security such as user name and password authentication, secure displays,256 bit encryption, poison pill, database segregation, and addresses (OWASP) top 10 known vulnerabilities to name the few.

Born in 2016, the inimitable platform of this Gurgaon-based company is a full-stack sales management solution covering all aspects of sales performance and operation including lead, activity, and opportunity management, work allocation, channel partner and usual standard functionality. 19th Mile is ready to launch sales academy publically and its services on a full-fledge way in US and UK markets by next two months. “Sales is both art and science and we are trying to convert more of the art into science through machine learning and AI,” asserts Vijay.