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  • 10 Most Promising IVR Solution Providers – 2019

    Gone are the days when handling business calls for a company meant spending time and efforts on hiring employees to route calls to different departments or answer simple questions. Businesses today are looking at utilizing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems. Since India is a growing hub for large MNCs, BPOs and corporate networks the need for technological advances and cloud-based services have given birth to the adoption of IVR systems. In 2017 the IVR market that was valued at $3.73 billion and gradually witnessed growth spurts, anticipating reaching $5.54 Billion by 2023. As the IVR market is gaining momentum, coupled with NLP (Natural Language Processing), the technology helps reduce the amount of time spent by an individual to get particular queries resolved simultaneously...

10 Most Promising IVR Solution Providers – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Avis E Solutions Avis E Solutions Avneesh Mathur, Co-Founder & Director Providing a uniquely contextualized IVR system possessing self-learning & evolution capabilities to tremendously increase productivity & accelerate customer experience
Bay Talkitec Bay Talkitec D Arunan, Co-Founder & Jt. Managing Director A reliable brand for IVR and cloud telephony solutions that has been providing best-in-class IVR services with features like Automatic speech recognition, IP enabled, Text to Speech and more to their customer since 1991
IVR Guru IVR Guru Parshan Vashisht, Founder Providing services for evaluating sales and marketing with a combination of voice telephone input by delivering accurate proper responses to customers
MyOperator MyOperator Ankit Jain , CEO & Founder Delivering Interactive Voice Response System services through simple and affordable call management technique hereby saving customer's time, money and resources with better call management and operational efficiency
Office24by7 Office24by7 Naveen Kumar Pasula, Managing Director & CEO Enriched with extraordinary features & innovative customization, its IVR Solutions empower businesses to custom design the call flow with drag & drop features on the fly without any technical expertise
Phonon Phonon Ujwal Makhija,, Managing Director & Chief Executive Offering innovative and advanced IVR solutions powered by features like Multilingual Personalisation, Predictive Analysis, Easy to Use Flow Design API Integration and more
Pulse Telesystems Pulse Telesystems Hiroshan Gopalapillai, Director Offering best-in-class IVR solutions to help customers improve their customer experience & reduce cost
Saino First Network Saino First Network Prem Saini, CEO Proving a simple-to-use yet highly advanced AI-enabled cloud-based IVR system with a dizzying array of features
WebXion WebXion Gurcharan Singh Dhunna, Founder & Director A One-Stop-Shop IT & Innovation Company that offers cloud-based IVR services at most affordable rates and ensures all calls are recorded at their web-based call log panel