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    From office operations to data manipulation, everything is done by the help of technology. The advent of technology in every sphere of the government and private sectors is playing a key role to make each nook of the sectors successful. In the recent few years, we have seen many technological developments taking place in India – one of which is Drone Technology. Poised to reach US$ 886 million by 2021 according to IBEF, drone technology or specifically Unmanned Aerial System – UAS is helping the sectors like healthcare, construction, agriculture, security surveying and others to increase productivity and in the process making services more efficient. Keeping the environment free from pollution and the balance of the ecosystem, drones are also widely used to remove wastes...

10 Most Promising Drone Technology Companies – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) Suhas Banshiwala, Co-Founder & Director AUS builds autonomous drones which come with ease of operation and can be operated by any user without specialized training.
Asteria Aerospace Asteria Aerospace Nihar Vartak, Co- Founder & Director Asteria has built a multi-disciplinary team of 70+ engineers with core competencies in the development of End-to-end unmanned aerial systems and Lightweight rugged aerostructures.
Birdview Mapping Birdview Mapping Ashwin Karunakaran, Founder and CEO Forming strategic alliances with private companies to support their local capacity.
Edall Systems Edall Systems Pritam Ashutosh, Founder A UAV manufacturer and service provider and provides drone-based image processing support, mapping, land audit, town planning, and industrial area survey.
IdeaForge IdeaForge Ankit Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO ideaForge is the global leader inj UAV technology maufacturing best in class drones for defence and enterprise applications under 4 product categories: Q series UAV,NETRA V series UAV, NETRA pro UAV and Switch UAV.
INDrone Aero Systems INDrone Aero Systems Anurag Joshi, Co-Founder & Director Dedicated to providing solutions for present day problems with the utilization of Drones, catering to applications like mapping, survey, surveillance, plant health and growth monitoring, inspection of structures, disaster management and thermal detection.
Johnette Technologies Johnette Technologies John Livingstone, Founder & CEO A major player in the manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles for the defence and the commercial sector.
SENSEACRE Labs SENSEACRE Labs Vinod Kumar S, Founder & CEO Senseacre is a fusion of experienced technocrats in technology, domain, finance and business development. With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Vision image and video analytics.
Skylark Drones Skylark Drones Mrinal Pai, Co-Founder Innovating and integrating drone solutions and services into scalable real-world applications that benefit enterprises and the community at large while making sure authenticity and clarity are central to making decisions that save time, money and lives.
Sree Aerotech Innovations Sree Aerotech Innovations Bhuvana Sai, Director Specialized in Manufacturing of an extensive array of technically advanced products like drones, flight controllers and GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems.