Product Engineering Can Turn The Tables For Startups

Industry veterans have often opined that there's no such thing as a `mature' engineering services sourcing deal. They're probably right. To admit honestly; while IT sourcing has evolved, most engineering sourcing transactions have not. In fact, many buy-side enterprises are still walking the track of the same old, inefficient ways of sourcing their engineering needs, which is to say they more often engage in brief project work rather than longer-term, strategic relationships. Thank fully, that is changing now.

Product engineering and other new offerings in engineering services outsourcing (ESO) have drastically improved as service providers have become increasingly specialized, especially in specific elements of the product lifecycle. Besides, many other alternate distributaries of sourcing, which were once considered taboo in the business world, are now becoming a reality, thanks to a tech-inversion trend in the market.

Now what does that mean? Unicorns-start-up companies whose valuations exceed $1 billion--now figure to more than 15 in India alone. Meanwhile, most of the large, established tech giants that benefited greatly from venture capital and private equity investment during the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s, are now either out of business or experiencing very slow organic growth.

So what's going on?
The tech-inversion trend is set in motion by a shift in the connected economy, in which established tech companies have become the potential casualties of emerging cloud-based and as-a-service technologies.

Unfortunate as it may sound, this situation does pose an opportunity for budding startups or medium sized organizations to pull off an Ussain Bolt. The only way to do that is by making sure the products are well nurtured and dropped in the market on time. This edition is dedicated to those technology enablers who have not just turned the tables in their own segment, but also transformed how new entrants grow and survive. The vendors featured in this issue have all the necessary technology expertise to make sure your product comes out of the other side of the conveyor belt furnished and read to be deployed.

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